Automated Validation

Secure data entry due to warnings and error messages.

Scope users are automatically alerted to possible input errors by automatic plausibility checks. Scope uses two different control levels. Warnings are displayed when data is not essential. Error displays prevent the registration of incorrect data. Incorrect entries can be corrected immediately.

Alternatives by intuition.

Even before a possible validation Scope shows based on intuitive input possible selection alternatives that automatically complete and prevent incorrect entries.

Intelligent differenciation.

Because Scope distinguishes between warnings and error indications, the workflow is not interrupted on every discrepancy. Missing negligible data is only displayed pro forma.

Clear indication.

The ad-hoc detection of erroneous inputs prevents the user later on from time-consuming search for possible errors or initiation of a complete correction phase.

Seeing is believing.

Discover why leading forwarders favor Scope over others.

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