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Ocean freight knows many paths. And the journey is long. Shipment creation, however, should take less time. The ocean freight software in Scope reduces your effort in creating a shipment, simplifies its management and enables shipment tracking from the first to the last mile. By integrating all relevant port and news portals, you and your partners receive all necessary information about events and status electronically. The integrated CO2 calculator determines a carbon footprint and identifies opportunities for offsetting.

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Export & Import Highlights Ocean Freight

In the Ocean Freight Export and Import modules, you can manage all the processes required for handling ocean freight shipments. From the offer to the settlement. Intuitive data entry, clear presentation and intelligent search functions ensure fast order processing, including allocation of transport orders and creation of all necessary documents. And because transparency means more than expected: Ocean Carrier Messaging in Scope ensures visibility across the board - including container level tracking.

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B/L Editor

The B/L Editor allows you to create shipment and document related data for B/L instructions, house B/L and Fiata FCR for shipment. This is helpful e.g. for shipment entry based on a letter of credit.


In Scope, branches can invoice each other. The outgoing invoice of one branch is automatically created as an incoming invoice of the other branch. When the outgoing invoice is created, the corresponding shipment of the other branch can be selected directly.

Ocean Carrier Messaging

Ocean Carrier Messaging in Scope enables direct communication with INTTRA, Infor Nexus and Cargosmart (shipping companies OOCL and COSCO). This allows automated exchange of messages such as B/L instructions, bookings and events. You can also insert supplementary messages to the carrier in the B/L instructions. Finally, the B/L dispatch to the carrier can be triggered by e-mail. Since all steps are performed in Scope, there is no need to change systems.


After a shipment has been completed, the shipment data is transmitted to the participating import agent as a pre-alert. In the case of Scope-to-Scope communication, the data is automatically available; with users of other systems, it is exchanged via EDI using an interface. Customer and trade documents can be uploaded to the e-file and sent via email from Scope along with B/L, billing and other documents.

Sailing Lists

The sailing lists for departures from the ports of Hamburg, Bremen/Bremerhaven and Wilhelmshaven are automatically transferred in Scope, but can also be managed manually. With the global sailing list, you also have the option of using the schedules of international ship voyages.

Shipment Entry

Master data stored in Scope simplifies the creation of orders, and plausibility checks minimize incorrect entries. For recurring shipment data, templates reduce your effort for shipment creation. This functionality is available for all shipment types (LCL, FCL, co-load, general cargo and groupage). Packages and containers can be managed and scheduled by drag-and-drop. Pick-up and delivery documents are created automatically and are directly available.

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Functions that take you further Ocean Freight Export & Import

What a freight forwarding software for ocean freight must also be able to do: calculate, schedule, inform. In Scope, you have all the necessary functions for smooth handling, tracking and evaluation of sea freight shipments.

A loaded cargo ship leaves the port.

Scope ensures fast, legally compliant registration, as only fixed data is transferred, variable data is entered subsequently. This avoids the entry of incorrect data such as goods values or weights. Each procedure has its own templates. Old data does not have to be deleted, comparison procedures do not have to be searched for a long time. This also applies to rarely occurring, special handling procedures.


Scope ocean freight messaging enables direct data exchange with INTTRA, Infor Nexus and CargoSmart for bookings, events and B/L instructions. Once the appropriate instructions and messages to the carrier are inserted, you can trigger the B/L dispatch via email.


Even if not all shipment details are known yet, bookings can be entered to create corresponding transport orders. In addition, booking confirmations can be printed and sent for the customer. Certain Dakosy transactions are also already possible from the booking. When all shipment details are known and entered, the booking can be converted into a shipment.

Compliance Check

Automatic or manual address verification to ensure compliance with existing regulations is possible from all Scope applications. Constant updating of the most important sanctions lists of the UN, the EU and the USA ensures maximum data reliability. This means you are always on the safe side.

Consol Profit Analysis

You can create templates in Scope for the automatic calculation of profit sharing and branch billing (house billing). By creating a "Default" template, the new creation of agent-specific templates can also be automated and subsequently used as default. You can also use this template for agents for which no specific template is stored.

Container and Package disposition

In Scope, you can copy general cargo for all shipment types and add it to a shipment as part of container and package scheduling. This reduces the processing time per shipment.


The email function is integrated into the Scope electronic file. This allows you to provide business partners with the necessary documents and information directly from the business process. This saves time, costs and, last but not least, energy and paper.

Net Rate Calculation

After storing the net rates, Scope calculates the costs and revenues after entering the dimensions and weights in the invoice or the provision. All common calculations such as dimensions and weights to OF rate, calculation from container number and size are possible.


Offers can be used purely for internal purposes or can be sent via e-mail directly from Scope to a client. When an order is placed, quotes can be automatically converted into a shipment (booking, house and single shipment - normal or FCL). When a new shipment is created, Scope checks whether a matching, valid quote exists. The booking or shipment can then be created directly based on the quote.


After completion of a shipment, the shipment data is transmitted as a pre-alert to the participating import agent. In the case of scope-to-scope communication, the data is automatically available; with users of other systems, it is exchanged via EDI using an interface. Customer and trade documents can be uploaded to the e-file and sent together with B/L, billing and other documents via e-mail from Scope.

Pre-Alert Conversion

If a foreign branch is also equipped with Scope and sends a Pre Alert with the ship data, container numbers, etc., a new import file can be created on the import side from the export Pre Alert. Without re-entering data and the associated sources of error.

Quality Report

Scope can create and print a report for a single order or a defined period of time using the statistics. With the quality report you can prove to a shipping company the punctual delivery or to a customer the compliance with the contractually agreed delivery times.

Shipment Monitor

The shipment monitor allows you to see the current status of all shipments entered in Scope without having to call up each shipment individually. The most recent event is displayed, as well as the next milestone with time information. An automated alarm function indicates exceptions and emergencies. If action is required, you can go directly from the shipment monitor to the shipment to initiate or trigger changes.

Transport Order

Individual transport orders for containers and general cargo can be printed for all shipments: Pickup, Container Pickup, Shed Delivery. In addition, a CMR (International Road Waybill) can be created and printed for all transport orders.


You can create recurring business transactions as shipment templates. This enables you to create another shipment with one click. The template function also allows you to edit the B/L so that you can store text constants such as additional agreements and instructions in the template. Shipments can be copied individually or bundled.

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