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Industries Specialties

Freight forwarders who specialize need a transport management system that meets their specific requirements. One that is so easy to understand and operate that no specialist knowledge is required. Specialists rely on Scope, the forwarding software that is up to any task.

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Animal Transport

If you specialize in transporting animals, you know what a difficult business it is. Especially when it involves air freight. For animal forwarders, the air freight software in Scope solves many operational problems of transporting animals in one. These include easy and fast operation, automated e-AWB creation and pre-alert functions, as well as terminal customs declarations directly from Scope. Without changing systems, but with easy integration of all required documents such as CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) and TRACES (TRAde Control and Expert System) certifications. For the welfare of the animals, for the satisfaction of the customers.

Here is the way to become a digital animal forwarder
A truck crossing a bridge.

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Automotive Transport

There are different specializations for the transport of automobiles. Vehicle imports and exports as well as the transport of luxury cars or racing cars, which must be available on time at the venue. While the vehicles are transported by ocean freight, the transport of spare parts is preferably done by air freight. The freight forwarding software in Scope supports you in order processing. Automated creation and documentation of shipments, waybills, customs documents and other paperwork reduces processing time. Compliance and security features document adherence to regulations and security standards. Real-time tracking with accurate arrival times increases customer satisfaction – and customer loyalty.

Here is the way to become a digital automotive forwarder
Trucks crossing a bridge.