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Customs software for Switzerland (e-dec)

You are a freight forwarder, customs or handling agent and want to offer full-service e-dec and NCTS customs declarations to your customers. The customs software in Scope allows you to seamlessly exchange data with customs directly from the shipment creation in Scope, from any WMS/ERP as well as in stand-alone mode.

With its built-in validity check, Scope ensures fast and accurate entry of e-dec declarations. This eliminates costly and fault-prone duplicate entries. Powerful search and template functions as well as integrated reporting for compliance checking are the safe way to cross borders in one step.

e-dec Export

e-dec Import

e-dec <> ATLAS

e-dec eVV


  • “We always expected that they would simply send us home to practice. Instead, we experienced help and support at all levels, in Germany and Switzerland.”

    Julius Komp
    co-founder and CEO of exporto