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Solutions United States Customs Software

Built with unparalleled error checking, Scope ensures fast and accurate AES and ISF entries with direct integration with CBP eliminating costly and fault-prone double entry. Powerful search, numerous print options, template functions and integrated reporting for compliance checking define new standards. Available for the US, Germany, Netherlands and Switzerland, Scope is the safe way to cross borders in one step.
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Within Scope, the US AES module provides you with the ability to create export declarations and exemption statements, transmit the Electronic Export Information (EEI) with US customs, and receive all the associated confirmations from US customs.



The Scope Importer Security Filing application (ISF) allows you to file ISF entries directly within ocean freight shipments, or to make stand-alone filings. The export agent or the import agent may submit the ISF. The only CBP requirement is that the party submitting the filing is authorized to do so. It is not necessary to be a licensed customs broker to utilize this module.

  • “We operate on QuickBooks and wanted to stay there. The ease with which Scope communicates will significantly reduce time spent on accounting data-entry and will let us focus on client projects and business development.”

    RJ Rendon