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Air freight should be fast, safe and as sustainable as possible. That's why you need an air freight software that allows you to also process air freight shipments quickly, ensure safety and measure sustainability. The air freight software in Scope speeds up all order handling processes. From quoting to booking and shipment creation to billing. This includes the creation and e-mailing of the e-AWB directly from Scope. Intelligent integrations allow you to communicate with airlines, customers and external providers without changing systems. And the integrated CO2 calculator determines the emission value for each individual shipment.

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Export & Import Highlights Air Freight

In the Air Freight Export and Import modules, you can process all steps required for the clearance and settlement of air freight shipments. From the offer to the settlement. Intuitive data entry, clear presentation and intelligent search functions ensure fast order processing, including the assignment of transport orders and the creation of all necessary documents. And because transparency is at the top of the list: Airline messaging in Scope ensures visibility across the board.

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Automatic completion

House AWBs, labels and other documents such as covers and manifests are printed automatically. The e-AWB and direct statements are sent automatically. Everything with a single click of the mouse. No need to manually perform the various actions multiple times.

Compliance check

An automatic or manual address check to ensure compliance with existing regulations is possible from all applications. The constant updating of the most important sanctions lists of the UN, the EU and the US guarantees highest data reliability. This means you are always on the safe side.


Connect is the complementary web application that enables you, your customers and agents to track shipments and check the current status at any given time. All parties involved receive reliable information about their responsibilities, can meet milestones and add events. Customers can book shipments, which are then immediately available in Scope.


Documents are generated electronically in Scope and stored in the e-file as PDFs. They can be exchanged electronically with business partners and printed out if required. If you create a document multiple times, older versions are retained so that changes can be tracked. The document upload function also allows you to store externally generated documents in any format.


After completion of a shipment, the shipment data is transmitted as a pre-alert to the participating import agent. In the case of scope-to-scope communication, the data is automatically available to the import. With users of other systems, they can be exchanged via EDI using an interface.

Shipment Monitor

The shipment monitor allows you to see the current status of all shipments entered in Scope. Without having to call up each shipment individually. The most recent event is displayed, as well as the next milestone with time information. An automated alarm function indicates exceptions and emergencies. If action is required, you can go directly from the shipment monitor to the shipment to initiate or trigger changes.

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Features that stand out Air Freight

What a freight forwarding software for air freight must also be able to do: calculate, schedule, inform. In Scope, you have all the necessary functions for smooth handling, tracking and evaluation of air freight shipments.

A cargo plane is loaded with freight.
Airline messaging

The exchange of messages between Scope and airlines is done via the Riege Cargo Community System (CCS), which communicates with the platforms for message exchange. Depending on the availability of an airline on the respective platforms, the best communication channel is automatically selected.


Fast, legally compliant registration, as only fixed data is transferred. Floating data is entered retrospectively. This avoids the entry of incorrect data such as goods values or weights. Each procedure has its own templates. Old data does not have to be deleted, comparative procedures do not have to be searched for a long time. This also applies to rarely occurring, special handling procedures.


With Scope, road transports from a company's own branch office to an airline's air freight terminal, to another branch office or to the export gateway can be scheduled, documented and corresponding loading lists can be printed. In order to process AES operations even by external service providers who do not have access to the terminal or gateway, the truck manifest data can be transmitted electronically.

Automated Pricing and Calculation

Tariffing is supported by the airlines' optionally retrievable IATA rates and e-rates. The billing of ancillary costs can be done automatically by linking to customer conditions.

AWB Editor and label creation

The AWB editor in Scope allows individual editing of the AWB. Within the AWB, additional texts, e.g. for letters of credit, can easily be added. AWBs and labels are created automatically. When the shipment is finished, the prints are also available to the user as PDF files in the documents area of the shipment.


Before creating a shipment, a booking can be created in which all known data is recorded. After placing an order and adding all missing information, this booking can be easily converted into a house, direct, coload-out, coload-in or back-to-back shipment.

Consol Profit Analysis

You can create templates in Scope for the automatic calculation of profit sharing and branch billing (house billing). By creating a "Default" template, you can also automate the creation of agent-specific templates and subsequently use them as the default. You can also use this template for agents for which no specific template is stored.


In Scope, you can generate the e-AWB automatically after a shipment is completed. Without external systems and the associated workflow disruptions and costs. Scope detects if an airline or transport route is 'e' and acts accordingly. A connected airline automatically sends updates on the status of your shipment.


Branches can invoice each other using Scope. The outgoing invoice of one branch is automatically created as an incoming invoice of the other branch. When creating the outgoing invoice, the corresponding shipment of the other branch can be directly selected.


The email function is integrated into the Scope electronic file. This allows you to provide business partners with the necessary documents and information directly from the business process. This saves time, costs and, last but not least, energy and paper.

Flight Schedule

The integrated flight plan allows a convenient search for suitable flights directly from the shipment - without interrupting data entry. Based on the available shipment data, Scope displays available flights. After selection, the corresponding data automatically flows into the shipment.

Pre-alert conversion

If a foreign branch is also equipped with Scope and sends a pre-alert with the corresponding data, a new import file can be created on the import side from the export pre-alert. Without re-entering data and the associated sources of error.

Quality Report

Scope can create and print a report for a single order or a defined period of time via the statistics. With the quality report, you can prove on-time delivery to an airline or compliance with contractually agreed delivery deadlines to a customer.

Shipment entry

Master data stored in Scope simplifies the creation of orders, and plausibility checks minimize incorrect entries. For recurring shipment data, templates reduce the effort required to create shipments. This functionality is available for the shipment types House, Direct, Back-to-back and Coload-out. Pick-up and delivery documents are created automatically and can be sent immediately by e-mail.

Transport Order

Depending on the type of shipment, Scope automatically creates a suitable transport order for pickup or delivery. This order can be completed manually and printed out. If a corresponding EDI connection exists, the transport order is transferred electronically directly to the haulage contractor.

ULD Disposition

ULDs can be entered in the master data. During consolidation, the ULDs are pulled and provided with the necessary information. The packages of the respective shipment are distributed to one or more ULDs. Finally, a ULD manifest can be printed.


You can create recurring business transactions as shipment templates. This way you are able to create another shipment with one click. The template function also allows you to edit the AWB so that you can store text constants such as additional agreements and instructions in the template. Shipments can be copied individually or bundled.

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