Creative problem-solving is Seaspace's approach. Founded in the UK in 1998 as an ocean freight forwarding company, Seaspace International has developed to provide complete forwarding and freight management services for sea, air, and road. An essential element for the company was the establishment of Seaspace International Forwarders USA, Inc. As an integral member of the Seaspace International Group, the company has rapidly grown into a significant force in the US forwarding world, with particular emphasis on aeronautics and related industries. 


In the early beginning the company worked exclusively with manual processes. At this point, a close associate of Kevin Beehn, President of Seaspace International Forwarders USA, developed a forwarding software tailored for Windows 2000. "It allowed us to seamlessly generate airway bills directly from the system, eliminating the need for manual typing. This system served us well for several years," says Beehn. However, as market demands evolved, clients began expressing the need for features like logins and track-and-trace functionality. Reflecting on this period, Beehn acknowledged, "At that time, we lacked these essential capabilities." Emphasizing customer satisfaction as a paramount objective at Seaspace, the organization addressed the question: How can we effectively address our customers' challenges while aligning with their detailed requests? This effort underscores Seaspace's commitment to meeting and exceeding customer expectations by proactively anticipating and resolving issues. 

Beehn and his team embarked on a diligent quest. In the initial stages, they explored options among industry giants, but the complexity of the offerings proved overwhelming. Beehn said, "It was too much for us even to comprehend." Ultimately, through an old friend of Kevin Beehn, a pivotal connection was made, and he introduced him to Riege and Scope. Guided by Ernst van der Heijden, President of the Global Logistics Network, the team established contact with Andreas Rohde, International Business Development Manager at Riege Software, and Tim Nies, North American Director at Riege Software. After a first look and feel, Beehn expressed their positive experience, stating, "We did a little demo, and it was so easy to follow the introduction and to understand Scope. "This encounter marked a significant turning point in the search for an ideal TMS; with Scope, the team found a solution that met their needs and offered a user-friendly experience. 

“Scope is a game changer for us”, Kevin Beehn, President of Seaspace International Forwarders USA


"One day, a customer requested data transfer to their third-party platform. I reached out to Riege’s US support and explained the issue, and they quickly came up with a solution. Now, everything operates seamlessly, and our clients are delighted." Working with Scope, Seaspace has witnessed enhanced efficiency and the ability to provide clients with comprehensive visibility. That's how the company stays ahead of industry leaders. Reflecting on the overall experience, Beehn only regretted one thing, "We're sorry that we didn't discover Scope earlier." 

Even after completing the onboarding process, Beehn and the team continue a constant dialogue with Riege's US office. Tim Nies, North American Director at Riege Software underlines this: “We learned a lot from working with Seaspace and helping them meet their customers' requirements. Scope offers many ways to communicate with other systems, and once we knew what Seapace needed, it was easy to help them implement a solution quickly. In this case, we used our SCI interface to allow Scope to send digital arrival notices to their customer's CHB software. It helps that our team is great at what they do and know how to speak to freight forwarders from years of experience.”

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