You can see a harbor. A cargo ship is being loaded and there are many stacked containers in the foreground.

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Scope is the fully integrated freight forwarding software that has everything you need and does what you want: work faster, more efficiently and with sustainable profitability. With Scope, you become a digital forwarder. Automated processes and full access to third party systems enable you to digitally manage shipments at all stages of the supply chain. And through your automatic membership in the Scope Community, you can capitalize on your local expertise globally, and thus promote your growth.

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Digitality is not the sending of excel spreadsheets via email, but the comprehensive digitization of order processing along the entire supply chain. Full digitality ensures reliable data exchange from shipment creation to delivery. Automatic event updates provide real-time data on the respective shipment status. Numerous integrations to third-party providers enable seamless workflows without changing systems. Digital processes speed up order processing, reduce errors and increase efficiency. Digitality optimizes transport routes and conserves resources. Less effort, shorter delivery times and more satisfied customers – that is the digital path to sustainable growth. And this path goes through Scope.

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Digital Air Freight

As a digital air freight forwarder, Scope can help you stand out from the competition. Scope automates numerous manual processes along the global supply chain. Seamless messaging and collaboration within your organization as well as with external partners shortens communication channels, creates transparency, and automatically leads to greater customer satisfaction. Additionally, Scope enables the digital management of all important documents, including eAWBs, invoices, customs declarations, and additional supporting documentation. Thus Scope facilitates the tracking of important information, ensuring seamless proof if necessary. This is digital air freight from start to finish.

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Digital Ocean Freight

You want to become a digital forwarder for ocean freight? Then you should rely on software that offers the highest level of digitality. By automating repetitive tasks, you'll have more time for strategic planning, customer service, and growth strategies. Scope automates numerous manual processes such as container booking, creation of B/L and additional necessary documents, customs clearance and container tracking. Seamless communication with carriers, customs authorities and other stakeholders reduces the need to exchange messages through other channels. Thus Scope saves time and prevents information loss. This is how digital sea freight goes from the first to the last mile.

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A loaded ocean freight ship.