Forwarding EDI Shipments Ocean Freight

Port communication from external systems via Scope

Even if you have not yet made Scope your standard forwarding software: As a user of a transportation management system without port connectivity, you can use Scope to establish those connections. The EDI Shipment Interface for Ocean Freight connects your system with Scope and enables you to create shipments as well as the accompanying port communication.


After you have created a sea freight shipment in your system as usual, export it to Scope. Scope takes over the shipment data and subsequently allows the necessary communication with the ports of Hamburg, Bremen/Bremerhaven and Rotterdam. Fully automated from export and import handling to B/L instructions.


Scope uses open EDI XML interfaces that can be used by any participant. You can use this message format to exchange event information with external partners. In doing so, Scope supports both outgoing and incoming messages.


Central Dakosy references (Z/B numbers) automatically flow into Scope. If your system is able to import the feedback from Scope, this data is also available in your system.

Use of Scope codes as EDI interface code for outgoing messages

If EDI interfaces should use the Scope partner code for outgoing messages, the EDI profiles support this 1:1 assignment. The action can be executed by setting a single checkbox. The partners involved do not have to be added separately in the partner assignments.

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