One truck is being loaded, another is just leaving the warehouse.

Customs software for the Netherlands (AGS/DMS)

You are a freight forwarder, customs or handling agent and want to offer full-service AGS/DMS customs declarations to your customers. The customs software in Scope allows you to seamlessly exchange data with customs directly from shipment creation in Scope or from any WMS/ERP.

With its built-in validity check, Scope ensures fast and accurate entry of AGS/DMS declarations. This eliminates costly and fault-prone duplicate entries. Powerful search and template functions as well as integrated reporting for compliance checking are the safe way to cross borders in one step.

DMS/AGS Uitvoer

DMS/AGS Invoer


Client PD/VWA


  • „I want to thank you for the smooth transition to your Scope customs module. Talking to the users, I didn’t hear any negative feedback. Most common comment is the friendly layout and excellent speed. Perfect job done.“

    Bob van Leeuwen
    Customs Manager at C.H. Robinson Europe