In 1987 Harry Kuipers started a transport company with only one truck. After taking over another transport company in 1994, Kuipers Logistics mainly focused on transporting goods to Southern Europe, in particular to Spain and Italy. Although they started off with a different transport management system, the new Operational Director, for Kuipers Air & Sea, Wouter Engbersen was convinced of the top functionalities in Scope and decided to leave the old software behind in 2019. Meanwhile, the transport industry had to face a lot of hardships due to the ongoing worldwide crisis, which didn’t make the implementation of a new TMS any easier. Riege Software was still able to equip Kuipers with the Digital Standard in intermodal transport management and Customs, enabling them to facilitate the complete logistics service package to their customers in the Netherlands.

A no-nonsense transport company

For more than 30 years, Kuipers has been known in the Netherlands as the specialist in road transport to and from Italy. The transport service not only includes road transport, but also air and sea freight. Based in the eastern part of the Netherlands, the family owned company is mostly working with middle-sized local companies, still not aiming for the big fish rather than offering best service and shipments rates. Scope is developed by Riege Software to support companies such as Kuipers in the successful delivery of their logistics processes.

Transport management in an ongoing pandemic

For a lot of forwarders, the need for digitization only became apparent because of an increased purchase rate, container shortage and reduced manpower due to distance rules throughout the past two years. The magnitude of the impact of COVID-19 on the global economy and shipment movements in the transport sector is slowly but steadily beginning to show. It precisely illustrates that the existing problems within the logistics industry were only amplified through the ongoing restrictions caused by the pandemic. Here’s where a reliable Transport Management System can help to set Kuipers apart from the competition. Modern logistics software, which is delivered through a secure cloud, not only allows a clear overview over bookings and more control over shipments in real time, but facilitates carriers' daily tasks through intelligent and intuitive application.

“Scope can offer us a lot as a program. The system is over all easy to understand and intuitive.”

– Wouter Engbersen, Operational Director Kuipers Air & Sea

Digitized processes, fast bookings and paperless shipment handling have never been more important than now. Although Kuipers Air & Sea Logistics owes their success to a stable, well-trained and motivated workforce as well as a flexible and modern fleet, by implementing Scope to their daily work routine, the Dutch transport and logistics specialist has been able to successfully handle Dutch Customs (AGS import and AGS export), manage their marine transports with the Ocean Module and track and book shipments via Scope Connect since going live in April 2020.

Riege scope kuipers success story 1

Software as a Service – Remote, reliable, recommended

Part of the Implementation process of a TMS were the internal trainings, where employees got a closer insight into the functionalities and the user interface. Due to the pandemic, half of the trainings for Kuipers’ employees have been remote, but Riege Software still managed to provide all the knowledge and significant information. Remote implementation indeed is possible. If you have the right tools and team. With clear guidelines and timings and good communication, the implementation process has overall been easy and fast.

“The communication lines with Riege are easy, and the response time is very quick. We can clearly learn from each other and grow together into a bright future in logistics.”

– Wouter Engbersen, Operational Director Kuipers Air & Sea

The right cargo at the right time

The responsibilities in the transport industry are diverse; you have to plan ahead, control the whole process, react to all situations within a short period of time and inform all parties involved. Disruptions of any kind can hit employees and the company in sensitive places. Stressed employees can lead to a lack of focus and diligence, resulting in mistakes and suboptimal plans, which on the other hand can slow down the process and lead to dissatisfied customers. Intelligent software solutions for freight forwarding cannot eliminate all causes of disruptions, but they certainly can eliminate most of them. Scope not only enables faster and effective operations from quotation to delivery, it also improves the visibility, enhances the overall quality, and creates an increased productivity while reducing the overall costs. Therefore, our forwarding and customs software Scope is not just one logistics software among many. It is indeed the Digital Standard for digital logistics. By integrating Scope’s modules for Ocean freight and AGS Customs , Kuipers is now able to deliver the right cargo, at the right time, in the right place, in the right quantities and at the most optimal cost.