As one of the largest privately-owned Logistics and freight forwarding companies in Finland, Beweship aims to provide and develop privately run reliable freight forwarding and transport services globally. The Mission: Striving to be our client's first choice in any transportation related matter. Always having their values in mind to promote environmentally sustainable practices and the efficient use of energy and fuels in all operations. The long-term effects of this policy are intended to be the reduction of the environmental impact by seeking optimal solutions and increasing environmental awareness amongst the management and staff of Beweship. The company objective is to be carbon-neutral by 2030.

Our vision reaches beyond the known future and together with Riege we step to the fore

In the fast-moving logistics industry, it is important to optimize processes. Tight deadlines require an efficient way of working. For this reason, Jani Hellsten, Director, Air, Sea & Customs Clearance at Beweship, and his team started looking for a new TMS in 2019. “We were looking for a system that serves us and not the other way around. It's the only way we can increase efficiency and customer satisfaction.” Challenges of the industry in ever-changing and developing ICT environment, such as the combination of many different interfaces, a new solution had to be found. But how could these different challenges be reconciled?

Community Meetup Munich

Global requirements demand global standards 

When exploring available options, Jani Hellsten became aware of Scope. Through Riege’s demo presentation it was acknowledged by the evaluation team that the system capabilities in the field of air and sea freight were impressive. Riege’s focus is on people. “Right from the start, while we didn't at any stage indicate we would be choosing Scope, the Riege team sat down with us face to face and answered all our questions. That is not so common approach from ICT providers.” - reports Petra Nakari, Sea freight Manager at Beweship. 

Convinced by Riege’s approach of consulting at eye level and keen personal customer service, Jani Hellsten and his team took the plunge and decided to choose Scope to their TMS. Extensive onboarding made the switch possible in a planned time frame and helped to tackle usual challenges that are always present in the implementation of new TMS. As with any system changeover, there were teething problems here and there as always. Thanks to the good cooperation with the customer service team, all hurdles could be handled efficiently. Since the beginning, the goal has been to gain use of Scope functionalities to the full extent and to make the most out of the Scope Community. 

The common mission

“Oy Beweship Ab is not just a customer for us, we see them, like everyone else, as equal partners with a common goal: to simplify the work of freight forwarders so that they can focus on the important tasks within their business. That's why I really enjoy working with Jani, and I'm happy that Oy Beweship has become part of our Scope Community. I was delighted that Jani and Bengt Westerholm, CEO of Oy Beweship, joined our Scope Community Meetup in Munich. That was a very special moment for me and shows once again how valuable the collaboration between a freight forwarder and IT service provider is”, says Sascha Plath, Director of Global Operations at Riege Software.

Jani Hellsten and his team remain in close contact with Riege even after the implementation of Scope. “In our eyes, Riege has a great product, but they are not a forwarder. We see ourselves as a partner of Riege who continues providing valuable knowledge and feedback on their product. In this way, the developers have continuous visibility to improve the system and develop new features to meet and exceed industry expectations,” says Jani Hellsten about the joint mission. The Oy Beweship team is delighted to have found a versatile, digital everyday helper in Scope to assist them move forward.