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The smarter software for logistics.

Scope is the comprehensive Freight Forwarding Software for Air Freight, Sea Freight and Customs. Combining form and function, its smarter concept meets the crucial requirements of the logistics industry as it accelerates processes and improves economy.

What is Scope?

Scope is the multi-modal freight forwarding software for air freight, sea freight and customs, bringing enterprise class abilities to every logistician, from the smallest to the largest. Due to its scalability, Scope grows as a company grows, empowering freight forwarders and manufacturers to easily manage and track their entire business cycle while satisfying all regulatory requirements. Provided as Software as a Service (SaaS), updates are delivered automatically, helping customers to always keep pace with current best-practices and emerging standards.

Why Scope?

Utilized by 5,000+ users in over 450 locations in 34 countries, Scope is the industry’s solution to supply chain management with international requirements and compliance, and equips users with easy-to-use management tools, streamlines and simplifies operational processes, and provides more insight into their entire business process. Hosted in the secure Riege cloud, freight forwarding software Scope allows users to access from any location and to quickly and efficiently manage freight movements and customs declarations any time, any place.


More insight, less outage.

The Scope Dashboards equip managers with substantial insight and rock-solid information about their company's performance, thus providing awareness for future decisions. Interactive meaningful graphs cover key visibility of key financial and operational issues on 3 different levels: Branch, Legal Entity, and Organization.


Automatically created with completion of a shipment.

Scope creates the e-AWB without additional applications, but with impressive advantages. Scope notices when an airline or transportation route is ‘e’ and acts conformably. Thus an airline updates a shipment automatically with ETD and ETA data which are immediately visible in Scope.

Cost Control

Turnover, cost and earnings at a glance.

The cost Control within Scope provides a detailed break-down of income and expenses for each transaction. Automatically generated records store the cost summary and trigger an immediate alarm if suppliers’ bills show any deviations. There is a credit limit interface enabling allocation of individual credit ratings to customers and monitoring of exposure to financial risks. Also featured is a function enabling presentation of monthly financial statements supported by reliable benchmarking statistics.


Offers with higher order potential.

Immediately after receiving a request, the appropriate offer for the respective mode of transport can be created in a few steps and quickly answered. At the click of a mouse, a large number of templates is a available, which can be customized to the customer's request in a matter of seconds. A preview gives the confidence that everything is right - including the professional appearance with own company logo.


Tracking and booking via web.

Connect is the complimentary web application that enables forwarders, agents and customers to track the current status of a shipment. All participants obtain reliable advice on their responsibilities, are enabled to fulfill milestones and add events. Customers can place bookings that are instantly available in Scope.

Flight Schedule

Flight search within a shipment.

The integrated flight schedule enables a comfortable search of matching flights within air freight shipments – without interruption of operations. Using shipment data, Scope displays valid flights. After picking the preferred flight all relevant data are added automatically to the shipment.

Airline Messaging

Secure exchange of messages in high quality.

The exchange of messages between Scope and Airlines takes place automatically, securely and reliably. The Riege Cargo Community System (CCS) connects to airlines via various portals such as Descartes, Champ, Cargonaut and others. Thereby it is possible to configure extra message copies to cover local requirements if applicable and to determine the best communication channel depending upon an airlines' availability on respective portals.

Sea Carrier Messaging

Automated communication via seamless integration.

Scope offers an EDI connection to INTTRA, GT Nexus, CargoSmart and a direct integration of Ocean Insights. These portals connect users to the major sea carriers worldwide providing seamless administration and exchange of data. The complete work flow happens directly out of Scope, no change of systems necessary.

Sailing Schedules

Automatic takeover without manual entry.

The sailing lists for departures from the ports of Hamburg, Bremen / Bremerhaven and Wilhelmshaven are automatically accepted in Scope. Alternatively, the sailing lists can be managed manually if necessary.

Dangerous Goods

Identification and elimination of risks.

Scope enables the direct entry of dangerous goods information within shipments. The immediate access to built in official lists of dangerous goods data such as UN numbers, IMGD (International Maritime Dangerous Goods) codes and additional class avoids the disruption of workflow caused by unnecessary change of systems.

Shipment Monitor

Status and Milestones in view and under control.

The Shipment Monitor enables users to see the current status of all shipments recorded in Scope at a glance, without calling up each shipment individually. It displays the last event as well as the next milestone with time data. If action is required, it is possible switch directly to the affected shipment, e.g. to change, update, or delete status. The respective status can also be viewed online via the web application Connect.

Software as a Service

Advantage from the cloud.

Scope is provided exclusively as Software as a Service (SaaS) and delivered through the secure Riege cloud, with all its attendant advantages. No investments in IT, asset acquisition, maintenance and services are required. Instead, Scope provides solid availability, automated updates, easy scalability, mobile access and reporting across locations.

EMO-TRANS Germany navigates to a secure future switching from Procars to Scope

EMO-TRANS Germany navigates to a secure future switching from Procars to Scope

IAA shifts their level of satisfaction to pure happiness by changing to Scope

IAA shifts their level of satisfaction to pure happiness by changing to Scope

Speedmark Transportation went live in 4 weeks turning European hub into technology spearhead

Speedmark Transportation went live in 4 weeks turning European hub into technology spearhead

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