It has been three years since Hubert Jasiński, Business Owner and Board Member of OMEGAir Cargo OCG decided to implement Scope into his running business at the transport logistic conference. The cooperation has been full of trust, perfectly running system operations and a lot of quality talks ever since.

“OMEGAir was able to clearly communicate the local requirements in Poland to us. Such strategic partners in countries where we do not have an office are extremely important.”

Dr. Tobias Riege, CEO Riege Software

Creating business relations full of trust

A transport management software grows with a company and aims to match the customer’s needs as well as the industry requirements. Designed to empower freight forwarders and manufacturers to easily manage and track their entire business cycle, Scope is the leading freight forwarding software for borderless cross-system collaboration and network building. Hubert Jasiński says, “Our first impression of Scope is that repetitive shipments are very easy to cope with, as you just copy the data and proceed. Connectivity with airlines and sea carriers is very fluent. Also, the Connect module, Airline and Sea Carrier Messaging and email automation is very useful and helpful. These are the most important features of the software for us. In general I can stat that Scope is very much user-friendly.”

01 Riege OMEG Air 1

Following their philosophy of delivered expectations OMEGAir has reached a new record in shipment numbers and in general turnover in 2020 and is still interested in new developments within Scope to be able to meet customer and business partner expectations in the future. Andreas Rohde, International Business Development Manager at Riege Software and one of the first people to show the capabilities of Scope to the Polish customer says,

„Wir zeigen OMEGAir regelmäßig unsere neuesten Entwicklungen. Das Team ist immer sehr interessiert an innovativen Neuigkeiten und bereit zu evaluieren, ob unsere neuen Funktionen zu ihren Anforderungen passen.“

Andreas Rohde, International Business Development Manager Riege Software

Overcoming obstacles in logistics

Although 2021 has been a rough year for the transport industry due to a lack of containers, unstable prices and huge delays on both rail and sea freights, OMEGAir has still managed to keep up their natural virtue of speed and became the Alpha in Eastern Europe by integrating the Scope modules for Air Freight, Sea Freight and the complementary web application Connect.

“Scope is definitely the right choice for the presently very demanding market, both customer and vendor wise.”

Hubert Jasiński, Business Owner and Board Member OMEGAir Cargo OCG