Forwarding Track & Trace

Tracking and booking via web

The Track  & Trace functionalities enable forwarders, agents and customers to track shipments and thus check the current status at any given time. All process participants receive reliable information about their responsibilities, can meet milestones and add events. Customers can make bookings, which are immediately available in Scope.

Access across location

Users are enabled to screen shipment status and possible fulfillments of milestones across location. This way, they can detect and correct deficiencies to avoid unwanted and costly delays.

Documents instantly available

All relevant documents are generated with the completion of a shipment and are available prior to its arrival. Participants can review them right away, next step action can be taken immediately.

Bookings done directly

Shippers can place bookings directly in Connect. They are immediately visible in Scope, ready for further processing without loss of time by rekeying data.

Customizable desktop

The clearly designed, user-friendly desktop of Connect can be customized according to a forwarder's corporate design appearing to customers a the company's own service.

FILAM for container tracking

In addition to tracking individual containers from FCL transport orders, FILAM also allows several containers to be recorded in one transport order and the respective status to be documented with regard to collection and delivery. The FILAM website displays a corresponding container selection.

Tracking at container level

Scope allows tracking, events and the use of tracking plan templates at container level. Standard templates for Export, Import and combined Export/Import are available for the creation of new tracking templates. The templates can be created with a single mouse click and include a complete default setup with milestones, recurring groups and applicability of the tracking template. The Container Monitor shows the entire lifecycle of a container. In addition, the overall container-status is displayed in a summary.

BK/SI and VERMAS events fulfill milestones

Milestones in the tracking plan can be fulfilled for the following events: SeaCarrierEdiEvents.BOOKING_CONFIRMED SeaCarrierEdiEvents.EdiEvents. SHIPPING_INSTRUCTIONS_CONFIRMED The VERMAS events “Rejected” and “Accepted” can trigger the corresponding milestone in the tracking plan of a shipment. This allows the tracking plan to control the status of the VGM registration. If required, an exception can also be triggered to obtain information about a rejection.

Berthing timestamps for ETA and ATA in CargoController

When connected to the Portbase CargoController, vessel ETA and ATA of Import shipments in Scope will automatically be updated from the Portbase status information. This procedure uses the berthing times – if provided by Portbase – rather than the port timestamps, since they are more precise.

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