Forwarding Prospect and partner revision

Analyze and evaluate offers and order potentials

Prospect and partner auditing provides you with a reliable overview of the development of your customer base. From the acquisition phase to the business relationship: approaching and winning potential customers, maintaining and evaluating customers, documenting your own acquisition activities. You gain all the insights you need to analyze your measures for further business development.


Offers are accepted or rejected. But even offers that could not be converted into an order are not completely worthless. Careful and critical analysis can help you to make your offers more profitable in the future.


New expectations are attached to every new customer. Not all of them are fulfilled. Customers develop differently and this is also reflected in the business sales volumes. Whether and where action is needed can be reliably determined by meaningful figures.


Successful acquisitions are not automatic. The paths are often long and arduous. In many cases, consistency and persistence over a longer period of time are required. The available overview shows which person has been involved in your company, when and how.

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