Forwarding Enhanced Credit Limit Check

More flexibility and financial security in shipment processing

The enhanced credit limit check can be activated alternatively to the existing one. It allows to reserve amounts for expected invoices from the available credit limit of the invoice recipients on a shipment. Actions that lead to significant costs are blocked until an estimate for the expected invoice amount is available.

Registration of expected invoice amounts

Expected invoice amounts can be registered automatically by Scope. They can either be copied from a linked quotation or calculated by activity types, tariffs and income estimates. Alternatively, they may be registered manually.

Blocking actions that lead to significant costs

As long as no expected invoice amount has been registered, actions that lead to significant costs are blocked by a soft-block.

Exceeded credit limits

When an expected invoice amount cannot be reserved successfully from the credit limit of a partner, a hard-block is applied on the shipment by showing a validation error and creating a shipment block entry. Such a block can be resolved by granting a waiver to a user with a corresponding permission. As a result the shipment can be continued.

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