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The key to more efficiency.


Cargo Community System

Secure connection for automated exchange of data.

Cargo iQ

Simplifying processes, standardizing shipment data.


End to end shipment visibility for viewing via web.


More insight, less outage.


Automated creation with completion of shipments.

Flight Schedule

Flight search within a shipment.

Vermas Messages

Separate messaging for all types to all portals.

Vessel Schedules

Manual entry or electronic import.


Article maintenance

Deposition, description and administration of article information.

Direct Customs Connections

Reliable transmissions, shorter response times.

Fully Loaded

Automated Validation

Secure entry of data guided by clear indication of issues and alerts.

Compliance Check

Knowing clearly what is legal.

Cost Control

Turnover, cost and earnings at a glance.

Data Update Service

Important data always up to date.


Electronic creation, editing and filing.


Paperless exchange of data and information.

Graphical User Interface

Human engineering and aesthetics as a principle.

Internationalization and Localization

Adjustment to languages and local conventions.

Personal Quick Access

Self-configuration and administration of individual workplaces.

Printed Forms

Standardized or customized.

Quick Search

Searching data is simply faster.

Software as a Service

Advantage from the cloud.

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