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Air Freight Export

Management of all air export shipments from quotes to bookings. Conversion of bookings into Houses, Direct or Back-to-Backs. Both Coload-in and Coload-out shipments are supported. Easy creation of Consolidation and Master shipment. Access to customs export procedures is built-in to Master and House entry. Invoices, credit notes and payables are all managed within shipments and printable to ensure tight control of finance.

<h3 class="h2 text-primary mb-4">Fast Shipment Entry</h3><p class="text-copy">Master data stored in Scope simplifies the creation of orders while plausibility checks minimize incorrect entries. For recurring shipment data, templates reduce the effort involved in creating the shipment. This functionality is available for the shipment types House, Direct, Back-to-back and Coload-out. Pickup and delivery documents are created automatically and can be sent immediately by email.</p>
<h3 class="h2 text-primary mb-4">ULDs</h3><p class="text-copy">ULDs can be entered in the master data. During consolidation, the ULDs are presented along with their necessary information. The packages of the consignments are distributed to one or more ULDs. After completion, a ULD manifest can be printed.</p>
<h3 class="h2 text-primary mb-4">Bookings and Quotations</h3><p class="text-copy">Before creating a shipment, a booking can be created in which all known data is recorded. After placing an order and adding all missing information, this booking can be easily converted into a house, direct, coload-out, coload-in or back-to-back shipment.</p>
<h3 class="h2 text-primary mb-4">Pre-alerts</h3><p class="text-copy">After completion of a shipment, the shipment data is transmitted to the participating import agent as a pre-alert. In the case of Scope-to-Scope communication, the data is automatically available for the import agent. Exchange with users of other systems can take place by EDI via an interface.</p>
<h3 class="h2 text-primary mb-4">e-AWB</h3><p class="text-copy">Scope creates the e-AWB without additional applications, offering impressive advantages. Scope notices when an airline or transportation route is ‘e’ and acts accordingly. Thus an airline updates a shipment automatically with ETD and ETA data which are immediately visible in Scope.</p>
<h3 class="h2 text-primary mb-4">AWB-Editor and Label Creation</h3><p class="text-copy">The AWB editor in Scope allows individual editing of the AWB. Within the AWB, additional texts, e.g. for letters of credit, can easily be added. AWBs and labels are created automatically. When the shipment is finished, the prints are also available to the user as PDF files in the documents area of the shipment.</p>
<h3 class="h2 text-primary mb-4">Automated Pricing and Calculation</h3><p class="text-copy">Optionally available IATA rates and e-rates of airlines provide ideal support for pricing. Service charges can be automatically settled by linking them to customer conditions.</p>
<h3 class="h2 text-primary mb-4">Airline Messaging</h3><p class="text-copy">The exchange of messages between Scope and Airlines takes place automatically, securely and reliably. The Riege Cargo Community System (CCS) connects to airlines via various portals such as Descartes, Champ, Cargonaut and others. This makes it possible to configure extra message copies to cover local requirements if applicable and to determine the best communication channel depending upon an airlines' availability within the various portals.</p>
<h3 class="h2 text-primary mb-4">Flight Schedule</h3><p class="text-copy">The integrated flight schedule enables an easy search for desired flights within air freight shipments – without interruption of workflow. Using shipment data, Scope displays valid flights. After picking the preferred flight all relevant data are added automatically to the shipment.</p>
<h3 class="h2 text-primary mb-4">Consol Profit Analysis</h3><p class="text-copy">For the automatic calculation of the profit share and settlement of intra-branch accounts, templates can be created in Scope to achieve further automation. A "default" template can be created and automatically used for agents who have no specific templates. This 'default" template can then easily be used as the basis for further agent specific templates.</p>
<h3 class="h2 text-primary mb-4">ATLAS Ausfuhr (EXIT - Germany only)</h3><p class="text-copy">Scope can be used to plan and document truck transports from own branch to an airline's air freight terminal, to another branch or to the Export Gateway, and to print corresponding loading lists. So that AES processes can also be processed by external service providers who do not have access to the terminal or gateway, the data of the Truck Manifest can be transmitted electronically.</p>
<h3 class="h2 text-primary mb-4">Email</h3><p class="text-copy">The e-mail function is integrated into Scope shipments. Thus users can provide business partners with the necessary documents and information directly from the business process. This saves time, money and not least paper.</p>
<h3 class="h2 text-primary mb-4">Shipment Monitor</h3><p class="text-copy">The Shipment Monitor enables users to see the current status of all shipments within Scope at a glance, avoiding the need to check each shipment individually. The monitor displays the last event as well as the next milestone with dates and times. If action is required, it is possible switch directly to the shipment in order to change, update, or delete status. The respective status can also be viewed online via the web application Scope Connect.</p>
<h3 class="h2 text-primary mb-4">Scope Connect</h3><p class="text-copy">Scope Connect is the complimentary web application that enables forwarders, agents and customers to track the current status of a shipment online. All participants obtain reliable information as to their responsibilities with regards to fulfilling milestones and adding events. Customers can also place bookings that are instantly available in Scope to the export user.</p>
<h3 class="h2 text-primary mb-4">Transportation Orders</h3><p class="text-copy">Depending on the type of shipment (from-door or to-Door), Scope automatically creates a suitable transport order. This is completed and printed out by the user. If a corresponding EDI connection exists, the transport order is transmitted electronically directly to the supplier.</p>
<h3 class="h2 text-primary mb-4">Compliance Check</h3><p class="text-copy">An automatic or manual address check to ensure compliance with existing regulations is possible from all applications. The constant updating of the most important sanctions lists of the UN, the EU and the USA guarantees highest data reliability. Scope obtains data from 16 lists for the compliance check alone. The Embargo Check allows administrators to mark countries as required.</p>
<h3 class="h2 text-primary mb-4">e-invoice</h3><p class="text-copy">In Scope, branches can bill each other. The A/R invoice from one subsidiary is automatically generated as an A/P invoice from the other subsidiary. When creating the A/R invoice, you can directly select the corresponding shipment from the receiving system.</p>
<h3 class="h2 text-primary mb-4">Copy and Template Function</h3><p class="text-copy">Recurring shipments can be created as shipment templates. This allows the user to create a new shipment with a single click. The template function also applies to the customer's AWB so that text constants such as additional agreements can be stored in the template and reproduced when the AWB is created. Shipments can be copied individually or in batches.</p>
<h3 class="h2 text-primary mb-4">e-Files</h3><p class="text-copy">Documents are electronically generated in Scope and stored in the e-file as PDFs. They can be exchanged electronically with business partners and printed out if required. If a document is created several times, older versions are retained so that a history of changes can be seen. External documents of any format can also be uploaded and stored in the documents section of the shipment.</p>
<h3 class="h2 text-primary mb-4">Automated Completion</h3><p class="text-copy">Air exports provides a fast finish function that allows House AWBs, labels and other documents such as covers and manifests to be printed automatically, in addition the e-AWB and direct bills are sent automatically, all with a single mouse click. This means that the user does not have to manually perform the required finalization actions individually.</p>
<h3 class="h2 text-primary mb-4">Quality Report</h3><p class="text-copy">Scope statistics can create and print a report for a single order or for multiple orders over a defined period. With the quality report, an airline or shipping company can prove punctual delivery or give a customer evidence of compliance with the contractually agreed delivery deadlines.</p>

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