Air Freight

Forwarding at a higher altitude.

Designed with an intuitive entry screen, Scope enables faster and effective operations from quotation to delivery including automated creation of the e-AWB. Electronic communication with airlines, customers and external data bases is pre-programed to add extra thrust to the freight forwarding industry.

Sea Freight

All shipments without kinks.

Set up for accelerated operations, every shipment type within Scope can be registered and executed full speed ahead. Communication with third parties can be integrated, vital external information can be automatically updated and administered to shift business and economic drivers for smooth sailing.


Customs declared with one entry.

Built with unparalleled error checking, Scope ensures fast and accurate entries eliminating costly and error-prone double entry. Powerful search, numerous print options, template functions and integrated reporting for compliance checking define new standards. Available for the US, Germany, Netherlands and Switzerland, Scope is the safe way to cross borders in one step.

Direct Customs Connections

Reliable transmissions, shorter response times.

Article maintenance

Deposition, description and administration of article information.

Vessel Schedules

Manual entry or electronic import.

Vermas Messages

Separate messaging for all types to all portals.

Compliance Check

Knowing clearly what is legal.

Cargo Community System

Secure connection for automated exchange of data.

Flight Schedule

Flight search directly within a shipment.

Cargo IQ

Simplifying processes, standardizing shipment data.


Automated creation with completion of shipments.


End to end shipment visibility for viewing via web.

Software as a Service

Advantage from the cloud.

Personal Quick Access

Self-configuration and administration of individual workplaces.

Printed Forms

Standardized or customized.

Programmed System Independence

One solution to all operations.

Data Update Service

Important data always up to date.

Cost Control

Turnover, cost and earnings at a glance.


Paperless exchange of data and information.


Electronic creation, editing and filing.

Internationalization and Localization

Adjustment to languages and local conventions.

Automated Validation

Secure entry of data guided by clear indication of issues and alerts.

Quick Search

Searching data is simply faster.

Graphical User Interface

Human engineering and aesthetics as a principle.