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The future of logistics is digital. Scope is the Digital Standard for digital logistics. Developed with the purpose of automating your processes and connecting you as a digital forwarder in the Scope Community. Our software for freight forwarding and customs manages all processes from the first to the last mile and enables you to collaborate seamlessly along the entire global supply chain. Enabling you to maximize your local expertise on a global scale. Which is the ideal basis for sustainable growth.

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Increased digitality with the logistics software Scope Six factors for sustainable growth

Digitality is the key to growth. Automated processes accelerate order processing, reduce errors and increase efficiency. Planning tools optimize transport routes and save resources. Tracking tools increase visibility across the entire supply chain. Connectivity enables smooth communication with all stakeholders in the global supply chain. It all adds up to more satisfied customers - and sustainable growth.


Third-party integrations enable seamless shipment creation workflows without changing systems.


Continuous data exchange ensures automated updates and provides you with real-time data on the current shipment status.


Emissions calculation per shipment and compensation offers for CO2 exposure pave the way for you to become a climate-neutral forwarder.

Cost reduction

Automated processes reduce manual work steps, optimize resources and avoid unnecessary expenses.

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As a member of the Scope Community, you are part of a global network for digital logistics with thousands of specialists who share one goal - to ensure sustainable growth.


Experts in software, freight forwarding and customs are there for you if you have any questions or pending issues.


Solutions The freight forwarding and customs software for digital logistics

Discover the opportunities and possibilities of becoming a digital forwarder with Scope. Connect to thousands of logistics specialists around the world as a member of the Scope Community. And capitalize your local expertise on a global scale.

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  • “We are still convinced of Scope and have been able to increase our efficiency even further.”

    Thomas Schramm
    Head of Customs

Customer voices

These statements from our customers speak for themselves. That's all we have to say about it. Find out for yourself.

Digital Logistics with a Human Heart

We are the inventors of Scope, the cloud-based software for air freight, ocean freight and customs. It is our goal to digitize the world of logistics. And to make people's working lives more comfortable at the same time.

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