Meerbusch, Germany – The transport and logistics company Streck Transport has introduced the logistics software “Scope” from Riege Software International in all 11 of its air freight subsidiaries in Germany and Switzerland. Streck Transport used the previous solution from Scope, called Procars, for many years. The rollout phase, which lasted around 3 years, was concluded in spring 2014 with the implementation of the software at the Swiss locations Möhlin and Zurich.

Streck Transport primarily uses the air freight and ocean freight modules of Scope as well as Scope ATLAS, which handles customs formalities. These modules have significantly increased the productivity and efficiency of the 120 Streck users. These benefits have been realized because the system includes numerous intelligent functions, such as links to standard software like Microsoft Office. This means e-mails, for example, can be sent directly from Scope. The software also supports users with the entry of context-dependent information. What’s more, all information, documents, processes and even photos related to an order are linked and then made visible to the user immediately. Scope simplifies communication within the Streck subsidiary network, and all information is available to all users within a central database, based on defined access levels.

Riege also implemented some individual requirements of Streck Transport and programmed them in Scope. As a result of this, work processes are simplified with the help of the freight software and the visualization of data relationships has been improved for the users. Individual interfaces, such as to ERP systems or for accounting and invoicing systems of customers and partners, were also developed specifically by Riege. These interfaces ensure trouble-free data transfers.

Thanks to Scope, employees at Streck Transport can now work more efficiently and securely with regard to the new air safety regulations of the LBA (Luftfahrt Bundesamt), which were introduced in 2013. In close cooperation with Streck Transport, Riege integrated an automated query function for the RA/KC database into the software, which covers the entire transport chain.

Božo Čičak, CIO of the Streck Transport Group, draws a very positive conclusion of the overall migration to the new software: “Thanks to the new functionalities in Scope, we have been able to optimize our internal processes. Our improved data quality as well as automation have enabled us to improve the efficiency of order processing. We are using the high level of transparency and improved connectivity of the system to improve our performance for customers. The overall implementation ran smoothly at all 11 locations, and this clearly highlights the quality of the application and the close cooperation we experienced within the joint project team.”

Tobias Riege, Managing Director of Riege Software International, emphasized the participation of Streck Transport during the further development of the software: “Together with the IT and air freight specialists at Streck Transport, we received valuable input during numerous workshops for improving Scope, especially with regard to the automation of work processes. The expertise of these practitioners flowed into the software and improved its performance even further.”

Streck Transport has also been using the Scheduling module of Scope for land-based transports since 2013. During the course of 2014, Streck will migrate to the new Scope Web Tracking System with the help of Riege. Thanks to this system, all partners of Streck (customers, suppliers, agencies) will receive information on their shipments – such as shipment data and status events – via an intuitive Web interface. This means additional important areas will also be integrated into the overall system.

About Streck Transport

Streck Transport was founded in 1964 in Lörrach by Karl Streck. Streck Transport currently has 1200 employees in 19 subsidiaries in Germany and Switzerland, generating an annual turnover of 220 million euros. Streck Transport is a founding member of the logistics networks System Alliance and System Alliance Europe and also a member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

About Riege Software International

Riege Software International is a leading provider of smart software solutions for freight and logistics. Established for more than 25 years, the family-owned company has more than 80 staff with headquarters in Germany and branches in Europe, Asia and North America. Riege delivers products and services to more than 300 customers including Dachser, DB Schenker, Fast Forward Freight, General Transport, Jet-Speed, Kerry Logistics, Logwin, Pan Asia Logistics, SDV Geis, UTi and Zufall.