Following extensive testing in June 2012 of various software systems, DB Schenker Logistics selected a single software system to handle all customs formalities in Germany. Scope by Riege Software will be the software solution for customs in Germany.

Uniform Solution

In the past, Schenker Deutschland AG relied on various solutions to deal with different customs procedures, including Scope’s predecessor Procars, which has been in use at DB Schenker for a number of years. A new internal IT project, TANGO, aims to replace these standalone instances with a new, consistent, high-performance solution. To this end, the company evaluated a number of software systems from various providers and put them through practical tests.

At the start of 2009. Schenker began using freight forwarding software Scope for import customs clearance of sea freight shipments. This extensive real-world testing of Scope convinced Schenker’s IT experts and around 125 operations-level sea freight specialists that Scope met their exacting requirements and offered considerable benefits.

ATLAS 8.4 Forces Deadline

The Scope customs module has been certified by German customs, and will be rolled out to all Schenker Deutschland AG air/sea branches. The system will be used in future for all air and sea freight customs processes, as well as customs warehousing. This includes, for example, the NCTS system for freight within the EU, AV/UV-inward processing and conversion of goods, creating MAWBs (master airway bills), and allocating summary declarations. This latter process is highly automated at DB Schenker.

Driving this transition of air and sea freight branches is a fixed deadline of February 1, 2013 when German customs launches the new ATLAS version 8.4. Schenker Deutschland AG branches have already switched over to Scope because the previous Procars software is no longer compatible.

Train the Trainer

To ensure Scope is optimally integrated into Schenker Deutschland AG’s IT environment and processes, the software specialists from Riege have added a series of modifications and interfaces. They will also be supporting the rollout of branches and training around 1,250 end users. To introduce the staff to the intuitive new system, Riege produced comprehensive training documentation and trained in-house trainers at DB Schenker. These in-house experts will go on to supervise their colleagues during the transition phase.

Rollout to other countries

Carsten Meyer-Mumm, Project Lead TANGO Region Europe Central Air & Ocean at Schenker Deutschland AG, explained the company’s decision in favor of Riege: “First of all we’ve had very good experience with Riege’s technical solutions in the past, as well as with their customer care. Our needs have always been treated with high priority and solutions have also been developed with the same sense of importance. On the other hand, Scope is also a simple and intelligent tool that convinced us with its functionality and sustainability.”

“First of all we’ve had very good experience with Riege’s technical solutions in the past, as well as with their customer care.”

– Carsten Meyer-Mumm, Project Lead TANGO Region Europe Central Air & Ocean.

Schenker Deutschland AG operates more than 100 branches in Germany covering land transport, air/sea freight, logistics, and trade fair/special transportation, and employs some 15,200 people.

The company is currently reviewing plans to expand to other European countries, such as Switzerland and the Netherlands, given that Scope is already designed to work with these customs systems.