Improved display of frequently used calculation bases

The display of the most frequently used calculation bases in quotes and invoices is now clearer and more transparent. In addition to the previously displayed base value and rate, other calculation bases such as “number of containers” are now also displayed. In this way, it is clear at a glance what the calculation of the costs actually refers to.

If a minimum value is assigned in the offer based on the request, the rate that will be applied if the minimum is exceeded is also displayed. When the offer is converted into a shipment, it is recalculated based on the actual values.

The display of rates based on other amounts has also been improved.

Ocean Freight

Carrier emails visible in homeview

Incoming carrier emails regarding carrier EDI messages are displayed in the homeview in each user’s inbox. This way, notifications about bookings, shipping instructions and VGM messages are highly visible and immediately available.

Events from CargoController for updating ocean freight data

Events in CargoController are now also used to update Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) and Actual Time of Arrival (ATA) in the main run.

Forward plain text from carrier emails directly

Until now, plain text from carrier EDI messages could only be forwarded as an attachment. Now, direct forwarding is possible in the body of the email.

BK/SI events fulfill milestones

Milestones in the tracking plan can now be fulfilled for the following events:

    • SeaCarrierEdiEvents.BOOKING_CONFIRMED

Global sailing schedules can be used without Carrier EDI

The use of the global sailing schedules does no longer depend on the activation of the Ocean Carrier EDI module. It is now activated by default and thus available for all users of the Ocean Freight module.

FILAM available for FCL tracking

FILAM now allows tracking of FCL transport orders for single containers.

Make Master booking without houses

A Master booking can now be made without Houses to reserve space at the carrier. In the booking only some goods details are entered as placeholders. As soon as the Master has Houses, the placeholders are automatically removed by Scope.

Totals adjustment for Ocean Freight

For FCL and LCL transport orders, the unit, weight and volume totals are automatically updated from the shipment if the values have changed.

In case of automatic update, the fields are automatically locked in the transport order editor, but can be unlocked manually.

The function is not available for Master shipments.


Scope Customs Integration (SCI) now also available for German ATLAS AV procedures

Now that the paper procedure has been set and normal procedures are also possible, Scope Customs Integration (SCI) is also available for the German ATLAS AV procedure (Inward Processing). This is particularly advantageous for users who use the Inward Processing procedure on a regular basis.

The interface description can be requested directly via the F12 function in Scope or by email.