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The Scope Service is accessible 24/7. Once a ticket is opened, a person of the Scope Service Team will take care of it providing friendly assistance and competent answers. Experienced staff members handle your issues, whether it be questions regarding the usage of Scope or ideas for improvement – quick and efficient.

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Scope's user manual is continuously updated. It contains an in-depth yet easy to understand description of all modules and functions. This extensive knowledge base conveys techniques, tips and tricks to improve the user's efficiency. Help is just around the corner.

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Scope is directly linked to a service system that can be accessed 24/7. Tickets can be created on the fly from within Scope using a single key stroke. This enables us to provide a quick yet thorough analysis of your requests. Continuous exchange of information, regular status updates and transparent processes ensure mutual compliance of the agreed upon service levels.

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Our tailor-made training sessions for you and your staff enable the full potential of Scope within your company. Competent trainers with a long-time know-how of business processes introduce the basic concepts and workflows within Scope and provide you with methods to master even the most challenging tasks.

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You can check the availability of Scope yourself at any time. At status.riege.com, you will receive information around the clock about the current status of Scope as well as supplementary modules and services. By subscribing to updates, you ensure that you are always up to date.

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  • You can reach our support team by calling: 02159 91 48 - 555

    Our team is available for you Mon-Fri from 08:00-18:00.

    If you want to reach your destination even faster, dial 02159 91 48 and then the direct number

    • 111 for questions about air freight and handling
    • 112 for questions about sea freight
    • 113 for questions about customs
    • 114 for accounting questions

  • Leave a message on our voicemail stating your ticket number. Our support team will get back to you promptly and take care of your request.

  • You can easily open a new ticket in Scope by pressing the F12 key. In this case, our support team will contact you promptly and take care of your request, even without a phone call.

    If you call outside our office hours (Mon.-Fri. from 18:00-8:00), you can also leave a voicemail, stating your ticket number.

  • Tasks and requirements are usually very specific and extensive. We therefore ask you to submit inquiries with corresponding specifications directly via a ticket. This applies, for example, to Scope Runtime, logging into Scope, general questions about user accounts, label creation and printing from Scope.

  • Find instructions for a quick start with Scope and information about Scope Runtime here:

  • You can create a new user account here: