Quick Data Entry

The easy way to a complete shipment.

With its user-friendly desktop, Scope creates the best conditions for result-oriented order processing. Clearly structured, intuitive input fields make daily work easier and enable faster, more efficient and more enjoyable working.

Automated completion of entries.

Scope learns quickly and, while entering recurring information and data, offers term additions that can be adopted with the click of a mouse.

Higher speed of operations.

The automated completion once again increases the operational speed of the already accelerated workflow due to the clearly structured interface.

Reduction of input errors.

In addition to the integrated validity check, the automated completion of consignment-relevant terms and data contributes to the reduction of input errors.

More shipments in less time.

The result is a faster shipment and order processing. The order volume per user can be increased without additional effort and use of time.

Seeing is believing.

Discover why leading forwarders favor Scope over others.

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