Flight Schedule

Flight search within a shipment.

The integrated flight schedule enables a comfortable search of matching flights within air freight shipments – without interruption of operations. Using shipment data, Scope displays valid flights. After picking the preferred flight all relevant data are added automatically to the shipment.

Correct and up to date.

Since the up to date valid flight schedule is provided automatically within Scope, the selected flight can be chosen during the creation of the shipment.

Faster finished.

The flight schedule accelerates the entire process because it avoids inaccurate data caused by manual entries, and time-consuming changes of systems.

Secured connecting flights.

For all non-direct flights Scope displays first and second leg flights enabling to choose the matching connecting flight to assure the fastet link and transshipping within the available time frame.

Free choice of platform.

Scope integrates the flight schedules of two quality providers, Innovata and OAG, so the data platform can be individually chosen according to own preference.

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