Denied Party Screening

Conducting compliance checks on demand.

Scope offers direct access to data bases providing sanctions list. Operating in compliance with international rules and regulations not only avoids risks, but proves professionalism and reliability. Thus adding value to the overall customer services.

Safe retention of reputation

Executing the required screenings, forwarders can be assured to protect themselves as well as their customers against violation of sanctions and the resulting drastic consequences such as appearing on blacklists. Safeguarding reputation as a respectable forwarder along with customs authorization and Authorized Economic Operators status (AEO) is essential to do business.

Direct access to reliable information

Denied Party Screening directly out of Scope is the key to extra security and certainty with no extra effort, without interruption of workflow. Lucid display of results avoids accidental oversight of findings. Centralized electronic documentation, provides later information or evidence needed.

Cost vs. loss

Cost involved are manageable and therefore calculable. Intervals of screenings can be individually defined or confined to new business partners, because Known Consigners (KC) and Registered Agents (RA) don't change by the day. Thus the cost incurred can be ruled and limited.

Current lists in Scope

The address check in Scope is against the following lists

  • BENS – Belgian National Sanctions List
  • BOE – Consolidated List of Financial Sanctions Targets in the UK
  • CFSP – Consolidated Financial Sanctions List
  • DPL – Denied Persons List
  • EL – Entity List
  • EUL – End User List, JP MITI
  • EURUDU – EU-Russia-Embargo „Dual Use“
  • EURUKM, EU-Russia-Embargo „Capital Market“
  • FINCEN – Money Laundering Concerns List
  • LADP – List of Administratively Debarred Parties
  • LSDP – List of Statutorily Debarred Parties
  • NLNST – Nationale sanctielijst terrorisme
  • NPS – List of Nonproliferation Sanctions
  • OFAC-CSL – Consolidated Sanctions List
  • SDN – Specially Designated Nationals List
  • UL – Unverified List

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