Cost Control

Turnover, cost and earnings at a glance.

The cost Control within Scope provides a detailed break-down of income and expenses for each transaction. Automatically generated records store the cost summary and trigger an immediate alarm if suppliers’ bills show any deviations. There is a credit limit interface enabling allocation of individual credit ratings to customers and monitoring of exposure to financial risks. Also featured is a function enabling presentation of monthly financial statements supported by reliable benchmarking statistics.

Result-oriented calculations.

The economic result of a forwarding company is the sum of the revenues of each individual consignment. Through cost control, users know from the beginning what's left over in the end.

Automated accounting.

Revenues and expenses are calculated and used automatically based on the recorded outgoing and incoming documents as well as the stored tariff master data.

Manual adjustments.

Expense and revenue reserves can be entered manually. Variable values can be changed if necessary for imputed adjustments in the master data.

Active business management.

With the additional use of the dashboards of Scope, cost control is not just a profitability calculator, but an indispensable tool for active, successful business management.

Seeing is believing.

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