Tracking and booking via web.

Connect is the complimentary web application that enables forwarders, agents and customers to track the current status of a shipment. All participants obtain reliable advice on their responsibilities, are enabled to fulfill milestones and add events. Customers can place bookings that are instantly available in Scope.

Access across location.

Users are enabled to screen shipment status and possible fulfillments of milestones across location. This way, they can detect and correct deficiencies to avoid unwanted and costly delays.

Documents instantly available.

All relevant documents are generated with the completion of a shipment and are available prior to its arrival. Participants can review them right away, next step action can be taken immediately.

Bookings done directly.

Shippers can place bookings directly in Connect. They are immediately visible in Scope, ready for further processing without loss of time by rekeying data.

Customizable desktop.

The clearly designed, user-friendly desktop of Connect can be customized according to a forwarder's corporate design appearing to customers a the company's own service.

Seeing is believing.

Discover why leading forwarders favor Scope over others.

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