Cargo iQ

Standardization ensures optimization.

Cargo iQ is the IATA initiative to process control, quality monitoring and services improvements for airlines, forwarders and handling companies. Simplification of processes and standardization of data enables comparable measures for the evaluation and optimization of quality standards in execution and handling of air freight shipments.

Ensured quality.

Measuring success and driving continuous improvement increases the value of airfreight for customers by ensuring higher quality standards. Defined milestones provide reliable information about the status of a shipment at all times.

Common language.

Cargo iQ is based on common, agreed performance commitments that allow participants to address customers with ‘one voice’, enabling comparison and evaluation.

Proof of authenticity.

Following the IATA standards of Cargo iQ, the milestone templates within Scope allow the mapping of operational procedures in the look and feel of Cargo iQ, proving the authenticity of standards and procedures.

Continuous certification.

Riege runs Cargo iQ, formerly Cargo 2000, since 2008, and achieves continuous certifications after recurring auditing.



Membership in Cargo-XML task force more than matter of duty.

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