Airline Messaging

Secure exchange of messages in high quality.

The exchange of messages between Scope and Airlines takes place automatically, securely and reliably. The Riege Cargo Community System (CCS) connects to airlines via various portals such as Descartes, Champ, Cargonaut and others. Thereby it is possible to configure extra message copies to cover local requirements if applicable and to determine the best communication channel depending upon an airlines' availability on respective portals.

Everything automated.

The e-AWB will be transmitted to an airline automatically after the completion of a shipment. The status will be updated automatically and displayed within the shipment entry as well as in the corresponding shipment monitor enabling action and triggering.

Enabled trouble-shooting.

Transmitted messages are available as e-documents within each shipment which allows to clarify messaging trouble with airlines or ground handlers within seconds.

Bookings directly out of Scope.

Bookings can be made directly out of Scope, provided an airline offers this option. Time-killing usage of external systems does not apply.

Extensive economies.

Cost savings due to total automation have a great impact during processing a shipment. Substantially higher savings result from the reduction of drastic handling fees, invoiced for an AWB without “e”.

Seeing is believing.

Discover why leading forwarders favor Scope over others.

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