Ocean Freight

Reliable communication with carriers  

 Container shipping is currently not very technically advanced, particularly in the areas of information transfer, automated processes and general technical infrastructure. The industry is full of inefficient processes that drive up costs and create unnecessary paper and carbon waste.  

With the enhanced features of the Ocean Carrier EDI interface in Scope, dynamic and secure data exchange with the world's largest shipping companies is possible at any time. The incorporation of customized contacts (name, function, email address, phone number) for carrier bookings (from door or to door) sent to shipping companies - either from existing partners or from one-time addresses has been added to the latest Scope version.   

Advantages of using Scope for exchanges with shipping companies:  

  • Greater efficiency  
  • Satisfied customers 
  • Reliable data transmission  
  • Fewer delays 

View the most important data from a single screen

AES customs data can already be viewed on the general tab. From version 24.4, Scope offers a drop-down menu for selecting from a list of MRN numbers (house shipments) already entered in the BHT order.

ocean_bht order_aes data_mrn-selection2_DE

Air Freight

More transparency on events in denied party screening 

Do you regularly check potential business partners or customers against lists of blocked and sanctioned parties? Then we have good news for you: From version 24.4, Scope offers more transparency when searching for known consignors in the area of aviation security. In addition to the address data, other compliance events for "Denied Party Screening" can now be viewed in the "Sanction List Check Events" application under the Master Data menu.  

Air_Denied Party_Events_EN

Warnings in aviation security 

The search dialog for RA/KC screening contains more details in the display: As soon as the match in a search is below 80%, Scope automatically warns you with the following sentence: "Are you sure you want to validate and confirm this partner with the displayed result from the EU database?" 

Quicker access to documents

Searching for a document is now also possible with just a few clicks: Search for several search terms at the same time and filter the search results in seconds using a minus sign (-).  

To protect the environment

CO2e emissions are still unavoidable in logistics. But there are already ways to actively combat them. For example, with the CO2e emissions calculator from CarbonCare integrated into Scope. The advantages at a glance:

  • Determine measured values for all means of transportation worldwide
  • Recognized standard according to ISO 14083:2023
  • Reliable data on your emissions
  • Book optional licenses and services quickly and easily


Dashboards in harmony

Plan your transport requirements in advance, analyze prices and profitability and react flexibly to unexpected events: With real-time insights into all transportation process aspects via dashboards, you can make immediate, data-driven decisions. Similar to the familiar AES module, Scope now displays a red cross in the dashboard and in the message box if the customs system responds with an error. This saves you a lot of time.



Simplified invoice import 

Scope version 24.4 also contains simplifications for your daily work in the area of finance: All relevant invoices can now be easily imported into Scope using drag-and-drop. Supported formats: CSV, Excel, UBL XML.


Read the detailed report on Scope version 24.4 in our Knowledge Base and find out how the changes in Scope improve your daily work.