Previous articles have already shown how easy it is to implement, learn and use Scope. We haven't talked about size of operation yet. Probably because Scope does not depend on size. Scope doesn't care at all whether a freight forwarder is small and just starting out, a mid-sized growing adolescent, or even already a large and mature player. Scope is easy to scale and therefore dynamically adapts to any company size. From 1 to infinity. Whether start-up or global player with branches around the world: Scope is always available in any desired size. And affordable.

Why Scope pays off

The unrestricted adaptability of Scope is evident in several respects. Customers only get as much Scope as they need, and they only pay for as much as they use. Fair, transparent prices without hidden additional costs. This makes the cost of growth predictable removing risk and limits to expansion: If for any reason less scope is needed, for example less users or fewer modules, it can be simply adjusted downwards. Fast and non-bureaucratic. We don't let anyone pay for something they no longer need. For the Scope user, the costs are also scaled.

Additional reasons why Scope pays off

Medium-sized and small forwarders get plenty of benefits: With Scope, everyone gets access to the same features and functions deployed by the biggest players in the industry. This ensures that they can always offer and invoice the same range of services. Thus in addition to delivering a competitive edge, Scope contributes to a balance of power in a highly competitive market. Whether a tender or an individual offer, even the largest competitors have to reckon with a competitor who uses Scope.

“With Scope, we do not just provide small and medium-sized forwarders in particular with software. We provide them with a tool that allows them to look even their largest competitors in the eye.”

– Christian Riege, SVP Software Development at Riege Software

How Scope pays off again

Scope is the Digital Standard from the cloud, always up to date technically and designed to ensure ever-changing workloads can be easily managed. With classic in-house systems, it's time-consuming and expensive to constantly adjust computer hardware and peripherals to ongoing requirements and to employ or dispatch the necessary personnel. In the case of Scope, this is all taken care of. Scaling of hardware and resources at the IT level is included in the rental price of Scope. All in all, a fair, transparent pricing model with no hidden additional costs. But we've said that before.