Because the majority of the Scope setup is done by Riege, this means our customers need minimal IT involvement and little internal manpower for Scope to be ready to run. This benefit has a marvelous side effect: internal resources can concentrate on key tasks instead of Scope setup. Riege takes care of the system preparation and background details which is why Scope is the Digital Standard for forwarding software.

The one-for-all policy

When a forwarder orders Scope, Riege assigns a project manager, who becomes the key Riege contact for the customer for the duration of the implementation. This is the go-to person if anything has to be analysed, planned, managed or communicated. Of course, the project manager doesn’t walk alone, in the background there is a support team of skilled experts from different disciplines that cover all aspects of the required tasks. This hive of specialists is invisible to the customer whose sole point of contact is their project manager guiding the efforts of the Riege implementation team. This ensures there is no Babylonian confusion over requirements and terminology, but rather continuous progress because the project manager speaks both, forwarding and software languages.

The first steps and progress

From the beginning, the Riege team identifies the forwarder’s operating procedures, records requirements and prepares the setup of Scope including user permissions to be licensed for Forwarding and Customs. The setup also includes

  • Import of master data for customers, agents, shippers and consignees
  • Connection of branches and printers to the Riege Data Center
  • Forms evaluation, setup and configuration
  • KPI and reporting setup and notification processes
  • Complete financial framework to the GL level including cost centers, charge types, currencies and tax rates

This last item is based on deep experience with many accounting interfaces such as QuickBooks, to ensure delivery of seamless data exchange with flawless integrity. The framework is adjustable to every forwarder’s needs. A straightforward list of requirements is all that is required and customers hardly notice any of the behind the scenes activities that deliver rock solid performance.

Registration and connection to external entities

Since connectivity is a key requirement by forwarders and consequently a key experience provided by Scope, Riege gives these special attention. Connections and registrations to external systems and databases are part of the infrastructure our customers receive with Scope. Connectivity is provided for:

The access to these providers is enabled directly out of Scope, no additional implementations are required.

Before the Go-Live and after

To ensure the best possible user experience from the start, Riege offers intense training tailored to the customer’s processes and demands and provides extensive Go-Live support. After making sure customers go live as fast as possible, our aim is to ensure live operations are as successful as possible.

That’s Riege. That’s Scope. That’s you – without even thinking about the implementation process and its procedures. But think about reading the next chapter on Easy to learn. Coming soon.