Everyday freight forwarding is full of challenges. As a freight forwarder, you coordinate many processes within a tight timeframe and must be able to rely on your TMS. User-friendly software is crucial here, as it significantly improves the efficiency and accuracy of logistics processes. With a user-friendly interface and intuitive operation, your employees can access important information quickly and easily, increasing productivity and reducing errors. But how can our user-friendly software Scope increase your efficiency?   

Three Features to increase your efficiency:   

Optimized business processes: Seamless integration  

Modern freight logistics goes beyond the simple transportation of goods and requires seamless integration of different systems. As a leading digital solution, Scope offers exactly that: it integrates effortlessly with existing systems, ensuring smooth communication along the entire supply chain. Sailing lists and port communications are already integrated into Scope, giving you full control and visibility over your shipments. 

More transparency: real-time tracking 

The shipment monitor in Scope shows the status of all shipments at a glance. You can see the last event and the next milestone with date and time. If necessary, you can go directly to the shipment to change, update or delete the status. 

Return on investment: concrete savings 

Many companies ask themselves how much they can really save with a transport management system (TMS) like Scope. Scope automates and optimizes processes, which lowers storage costs, minimizes delays and significantly reduces incorrect deliveries. This increase in efficiency leads to direct financial savings that you can clearly document in your annual report. 

Scope is therefore the ideal solution for companies that want to improve their logistics processes and remain competitive. Would you like to get to know our user-friendly software Scope? Find here more information.