Air Freight

Security history of House shipments accessible from the master editor

Users now have access to the security history of a House shipment directly from the Master Editor. This simplifies the insight into the history of House shipments and speeds up any checks that may be necessary.

It is just as easy to re-validate regulated agents and known consignors in this way when their verification intervals have expired. This is particularly advantageous if the House shipment belongs to another branch and direct access is not possible.


Ocean Freight

Combining containers on the transport order

Containers with an identical pick-up address for Export or delivery address for Import can be combined on the document of a transport order. This eliminates the individual listing in the form, which is much shorter and clearer as a result. For the necessary form conversion, customers who want to use this functionality should contact


Transport order synchronizes with data from the General tab

If data is changed on the General tab of an Export FCL shipment, it can be synchronized on the container transport order – without manual adjustment and the associated time expenditure.

This applies to:

  • Container Depot (Shipment) and Pickup Depot (Transport Order)
  • Earliest/Latest Empty Pickup (Shipment) and Available at (Transport Order)
  • Export Terminal (Shipment) and Delivery CY (Transport Order)
  • Earliest Return & CFS/CY Closing (Shipment) and Earliest/Latest delivery (Transport Order)


Use of VERMAS Events as a triggering event

The VERMAS Events Rejected and Accepted can now trigger the corresponding milestone in the tracking plan of a shipment. This allows the tracking plan to control the status of the VGM registration. If necessary, an exception can also be triggered to get information about a rejection.


Shipment tracking on the first and last mile supports multiple containers in one transport order

Shipment tracking on the first and last mile has been expanded to include the option of entering multiple containers in one transport order, and to document their status regarding pickup and delivery. The FILAM website displays a corresponding container selection.


Other useful new features and successful bug fixes can be seen in the Scope Changelog 23.4.

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