Dusseldorf/Meerbusch/Hong Kong – An active member since 2008, Riege Software attends the annual GLN Conferences like every year. This year, the German developer of the cloud-based forwarding software Scope, who is also Silver Sponsor of the conference, takes the opportunity to present the progresses and developments which are a regular component of Scope.

Scope, the quality forwarding software made in Germany, is widely acknowledged to be the Digital Standard for digital logistics, enabling unrestricted global collaboration, serving more than 450 customers worldwide with over 5,000 users in 41 countries.

“With excellent connections in Asia, punctuated by our branch in Hong Kong, which was established in 1996, and is managed by Hong Kong born and raised director Patrick Ling, we have a good understanding of the market, but most of all of the demand of Asian customers. This is why next to efficiency driven by technology, individual happiness is a kind of ‘built-in’ feature in Scope. At this year's GLN Conference we will prove this once again”, said Johannes Riege, founder and shareholder of Riege Software.

Developed with focus on Forwarding and Compliance, Scope brings enterprise class abilities to every freight forwarder, from the smallest to the largest. Designed as a “One system. One Record.” solution, Scope makes things easier, faster and therefore more efficient, boosting global supply chain productivity, no matter how many shipments to handle.

“Scope is cloud-based and boundlessly scalable. This enables small companies to work at the same standard and level as the big ones, while it allows huge companies to cover their operations without technical limits. With a native support team based in Hong Kong, customers don't have to worry about anything, team members speak all expected languages, mother tongue Chinese, English and Forwarding”, said Andreas Rohde, International Business Development Manager at Riege Software.

Those who wish to encounter the people who provide the Digital Standard in logistics may take their chance at the 17th GLN Conference in Bangkok, October 20–23, 2019. Riege Founder Johannes Riege and International Business Development Manager Andreas Rohde will be pleased to welcome interested parties.

About Riege Software

Riege Software is a leading provider of cloud-based software solutions and services for the logistics industry. Established in 1985, the privately-owned and managed company provides products and services to more than 450 customers worldwide with over 5,000 users in 41 countries. Headquartered in Germany, Riege maintains 6 branches in Europe, Asia and North America.

The company's brand is Scope, the Digital Standard for Forwarding, Customs and Handling accelerating all processes and procedures in logistics. Enhanced by the web application Connect, and integrated to third party ERP/WMS, Scope enables cross-system collaboration between the stakeholders in the global supply chain. With focus on quality improvement and productivity increase, cost reduction and revenue optimization, customer loyalty and employee satisfaction.