Meerbusch, Germany – For the 8th time in a row Riege Software presents digital solutions for the logistics industry at the transport logistic fair in Munich from June 4th - 7th, and for the 7th time Scope, the forwarding software for air freight, sea freight and customs, which has evolved into a logistics platform for cross-border and cross-system cooperation through continuous further development.

Insiders and interested parties will be able to see up close what Riege means by “Digital Logistics with a Human Heart”. Scope enables freight forwarding processing from quotation to delivery, ensures connectivity by integrating external systems and allows cross-company collaboration along the entire supply chain. Everything from a single system, and always with the aim of simplifying and improving the working life of those involved, thus making it noticeably more pleasant.

“The shipment monitor integrated within Scope provides real-time alerts on shipments that go off the rails and require action,” says Felix Müller, Product Manager of Scope Forwarding at Riege Software. “In addition, the tool provides an overview that makes it possible to better estimate the expected workload for the next few days. The data (e.g., planned and actual times, measures, exceptions) are available for KPI evaluations in order to continuously control and improve the quality of the logistical service provision.” As the shipment progresses, the complementary web application "Connect" supports forwarders, agents and customers in tracking shipments and thus checking their current status. “All process participants receive reliable information about their responsibilities, can fulfill milestones and add events,” says Sascha Plath, Head of Customer Support at Riege Software. “Customers can make bookings that are immediately visible in Scope. All relevant documents are available when the shipment is completed and thus before it arrives. Connect's clearly structured, user-friendly interface can be adapted to the forwarder's corporate design and presented to customers as a separate, complementary service.”

“Because of its unlimited connectivity, Scope is open to anything and everyone who seeks or needs to be electronically connected to external systems. This applies to communication with institutional process participants as well as data exchange with systems on the customer side”, says Dr. Tobias Riege, CEO of Riege Software. Scope communicates with all important cargo community systems for air freight and the relevant portals for sea freight messaging and tracking. In addition, Scope provides direct access to portals that offer security and compliance checks, quality controls as well as flight plans and sailing schedules for airlines and shipping companies. “Thanks to its compatibility with third-party WMS/ERP software, the Scope Customs Integration can serve all customs procedures in all connected countries”, says Dirk Heidenfelder, Product Manager of Scope Customs at Riege Software. “This enables users to complete customs clearance from their system without having to call Scope Customs separately. A real black box effect. This is currently possible for customs clearance in Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland and the USA.”

Of course, Scope has numerous accounting features, but can also be easily connected to accounting software. All data can be transferred to the customer's favorite external accounting package for further processing. Scope has all the features and functions that actively support the user in order processing. The one-time data input eliminates unnecessary manual work steps and time-consuming system changes. Simplified processes help to further accelerate processes and reduce sources of error. Full transparency and access options for all participants ensure a unique user and participant experience throughout the entire logistics chain. Dr. Tobias Riege is convinced: “The future of logistics is digital. Scope is the future of digital logistics”.

About Riege Software

Riege Software is a leading provider of cloud-based software solutions and services for the logistics industry. Established in 1985, the privately-owned and managed company provides products and services to more than 450 customers worldwide with over 5,000 users in 41 countries. Headquartered in Germany, Riege maintains 6 branches in Europe, Asia and North America.

The company's brand is Scope, the digital platform for Air Freight, Sea Freight and Customs accelerating all processes and procedures in logistics. Enhanced by the web application Connect, and integrated to third party ERP/WMS, Scope enables cross-system collaboration between the stakeholders in the global supply chain. With focus on quality improvement and productivity increase, cost reduction and revenue optimization, customer loyalty and employee satisfaction.


Anastasia Kazantzis, Head of Public Relations