Welldex Global, established in 1922, is a 100% Mexican organization that originally provided customs brokerage committed to the delivery of professional services to a wide variety of customers from small to large. With 11 offices in Mexico and 2 in the USA, Welldex has over 90 years of experience. In 2001, the Veracruz based company transformed into a fully integrated logistics services company including freight forwarding, taking pride in their efficient, reliable and competitively priced services. According to their mission statement, Welldex Global supports the international trade of their customers, generating progress for the company as well as promoting the development of Mexico, always emphasizing compliance, and where possible, exceeding the rules and regulations of legislation and environmental requirements.

Integrated – The speed of Scope

In their own words, Welldex Global chose Scope to take their business to the next level, taking special account of all the advantages presented by a fully integrated, comprehensive cloud based (SaaS) software. Within Scope, users are able to provide quotes, create shipments, manage job costing, and clear customs. The e-AWB, sea carrier EDI bookings and shipping instructions are automatically created and can be sent and shared via a single mouse-click – including all relevant data and documents. Thus Scope speeds up all processes in freight forwarding, saving time and money, while remaining easy to handle and stress free in use.

“Rather than starting slowly, we recalled one of the worldwide known Mexican virtues, being speedy. Consequently, we decided on software that would help us grow rapidly and would also grow with us without limitations. In both cases, Scope was the sole solution.”

– Enrique M. Hinojosa Herrera, Business Development Manager at Welldex Global

Integrations – The speed of Riege

Principal task of the Riege team was to assure the development and implementation of Mexican-specific features and integrations within Scope to make it suitable as fast as possible for Welldex Global, and to act according to Mexican law and business requirements. The two major integrations are for SAT (Servicio de Administración Tributaria – Mexican Department of Treasury) and CONTPAQi Contabilidad.

Mexican businesses are obliged to submit all outgoing invoices electronically to SAT using the CFDI (Certificado Fiscal Digital por Internet – Digital Fiscal Certificate via Internet). The CFDI is the document that vouches for an invoice. It is a file that includes all necessary information for a valid business transaction and is, once it has been transmitted to SAT, returned stamped with a unique electronic invoice number. This way, all involved parties are assured the invoice has been authorized and registered by SAT.

CONTPAQi Contabilidad is the most widely used accounting software package in Mexico and has an impeccable reputation. This outstanding software needs to perform as the Mexican government has strict and nonnegotiable fiscal laws which require a scrupulous accounting registry for audits. Using accounting information, the Scope integration creates a simple file that is imported into CONTPAQi Contabilidad and registers all of the incoming and outgoing invoices. To ensure its use without complications from the start, every possible barrier of language between the two systems had to be excluded. Therefore the integration was developed in close collaboration with the accounting department of Welldex Global, the first customer of Riege Software S.A. de C.V. in Mexico. This practice achieved the expected results. Scope speaks CONTPAQi fluently.

In addition, Riege Software provided also in an astonishingly short time:

  • Mexican Tax logic to enable invoicing directly out of Scope
  • A feature to validate Mexican tax IDs (RFC)
  • The daily automatic download of exchange rates to Mexican Peso from the Banco de México

The spirit of the two

Starting with about 15 users, Welldex Global expects to expand its freight forwarding business rapidly. Providing first class services with a passionate team and some really smart tools, will drive Welldex to their goals. “Compounding our local and global know-how with smart software made in Germany, equipped with all mandatory integrations for Mexico, will be a solid foundation to conquer the market,” said Enrique M. Hinojosa Herrera, Business Development Manager at Welldex Global, full of optimism. And Niels Schellingerhout, Head of Riege's Business Development in Mexico adds confidently: “ Growth is a rule, for Welldex Global as well as for Riege Software. With the full integration of Mexican-specific features and mandatory requirements, the foundation is laid for both of us.”

With a spirit like this, all expectations shall come true. Rapid growth is enabled, and Scope will grow likewise.