For more than twenty years, freight forwarder and logistician Streck Transport counted on Procures to handle their air and sea shipments which include customs clearing. Procars was a highly automated and extraordinarily successful project from the start for the Lörrach, Germany based company. But technology moves on and Streck Transport managers, Thomas Schramm and Roland Steinebrunner, recognized Scope, the next generation logistics software, as a most convincing, future-oriented solution. Consequently, the conversion from Procars to Scope was just a matter of quotation: one intelligent investment presenting the potential for greater efficiency in handling while proving immensely popular with operators.

Scope at Work – more intelligen2t, more efficient

Combing a modular, seamlessly integrated architecture with an intuitive user interface, Scope enables faster and more efficient workflow for both operations and communications. Due to intelligent data transfer within the program architecture, individual operations are significantly optimized.

Constant updates of entities plus special interfaces for automated data retrieval from external data bases add additional handling capability, for example; conformity with aviation security requirements, RA/KC verification and compliance checks. By embedding standardized office and accounting software, all final reports and documents including electronic invoices can be centralized and shared securely via e-mail – directly out of Scope.

Streck & Riege – one team, one goal

To further optimize workflow, Riege co-operated closely – and smoothly – with the Streck Transport IT and forwarding departments. This collaboration was vital to successfully implement all necessary individual interfaces. These enable cross-systems connectivity and unlimited secure exchange of data which is provided within Streck Transport group and to their customers and partners such as their shipment and accounting applications. As a final result, Streck Transport service offers have increased in terms of quantity with improved quality.

Implementation & Roll-Out – seamless, smooth

Installing 120+ user workstations in 11 subsidiaries at no time interfered with day-to-day routines. Migration of existing data files proceeded without complication. Scope went live as smoothly as anticipated and predicted.

Perspective & Prediction – good, better

Since project completion, Streck Transport Group handles operations faster and far more efficiently. With ongoing support from Riege Software International, a new Scope module for land freight disposition has begun operation. Scope Tracking & Booking will follow shortly and a new Scope handling module is in the works. We at Riege Software International are well-prepared to grow Scope, with an exciting stream of developments and customers ahead of us. Scope without limits.