Speedmark is committed to the growth of their customers' business, offering solutions for every phase of the supply chain since 1971. Their aim is to keep shipments on schedule and at reduced cost. This goal applies to any air, ocean, or third party logistics needs. Speedmark delivers secure transportation of goods with specialized service and care. They believe that in this fast paced environment, with valuable cargo transported from country to country, security and safety have equal importance with actual transport services. Consequently, Speedmark’s security standards and processes represent an added-value for all customers and their supply chain requirements. Headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, Speedmark maintains 78 offices in 72 cities in 20 countries, and employs over 1,800 people. Speedmark is AEO, C-TPAT, TAPA certified and one of the top 5 supporters for CI/BR with signed global corporate contracts.

From tired to hired

Speedmark Transportation B.V. with 2 offices in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, are considered the European hub of the logistics group. Nevertheless, they were tired of sporadically trying different Transport Management Systems which failed to fulfill the high standards and demands of Speedmark's general requirements, and in particular, proved inadequate for delivery of quality services demanded by their European customers.

“These days you want your system to be able to help you with all the processes you are looking at and the other systems, most notably the last one, for sure were time consuming programs, and way behind the market in terms of development.”

– Marco de Jonge, Operations Manager at Speedmark Transportation The Netherlands

Obviously, Marco didn't want to waste any more precious time and had high ambitions when he hired Riege, hinting that he wished to go live with Scope in the shortest possible period of time. He had previous experience with Riege and Scope, so he was sure it could be done, although most of his own people thought it was impossible to reach the targeted start date, since there was a lot of hard work to be done.

From deadline to online

Marco knew Scope from several demos over the years, but the final decision was postponed time and again until his patience with the old system finally snapped. Once the way for Scope was cleared, it was also critical to him that Scope should be implemented in a wink, literally, he was talking about 6-8 weeks.

“Marco knew he was ambitious in going live so fast. So he was challenged in return when we told him we could do it – but that it was more up to him and his staff cooperating to make it happen.”

– Henk Boorsma, Managing Director at Riege Software The Netherlands

Marco's commitment was great and so was the engagement of the Speedmark personnel. On June 30, 2017 Speedmark went live with Scope, after only a remarkable 4 weeks of admittedly extremely hard work. This took priceless enthusiasm by everybody involved at Riege as well as at Speedmark, but it meant they didn't just meet the deadline set by Marco, they beat it by 50%. To make it happen, Riege Netherlands also assisted in converting and importing debtors and creditors from the old system into Scope.

As of today, Speedmark Transportation The Netherlands employs the full suite of Scope, the Air Freight and Sea Freight modules for both Import and Export as well as the NL Customs modules. Scope also integrates the Unit4 financial software package they use, and delivers an overall performance that creates an company-wide satisfaction.

“Speedmark staff are looking at Scope as a very positive program to work with. But that was clear to me at an early stage when I noticed their enthusiasm for supporting the transformation process.”

– Marco de Jonge, Operations Manager at Speedmark Transportation The Netherlands

From bridgehead to spearhead

Having established a very successful bridgehead in Europe, Marco's forward thinking shifted Speedmark in the Netherlands into new dimension of future-oriented handling of all logistics. Backed by Scope, Speedmark can rightly claim to be not only one of the best equipped forwarders connecting Europe to Asia, but also spearheading the technology of the group, assuring long-term best-practices without a backward glance.