Scope is designed to simplify and accelerate daily routine tasks, thus making the working life of users as easy as possible. Release 22.2 includes new features and improvements that help to save some work steps, but which are also necessary to comply with legal requirements on the respective deadlines. The fact that we also pay a great deal of attention to troubleshooting is not infrequently due to the attention of our customers.

Air Freight

Calendar view for shipments in home views

In order to see directly which shipments are scheduled per day, you can switch to a calendar view in the shipment home views.

New role “Air Export Prealert Recipient”

A new role “Air Export Prealert Recipient” can now be assigned to a partner's contact. This avoids the need to manually delete unaddressed contacts.

Different documents of the same document type available for pre-alert in the finish dialogue

Two different documents of the same document type are now both available in the closing dialog for the pre-alert.

Ocean Freight

Improved selection of unassigned houses for Ocean Import Consol

The window for adding Houses opens significantly faster, appears visibly clearer and has been enhanced by additional search criteria.

Air and Ocean Freight

Extension of the home view by the column “Goods description”

The column “Goods description” is optionally available in the homeviews for air and ocean freight export and import, as well as in shipments light. Simultaneously, the sorting option by ship name has been corrected in Sea Freight Import.

New filter enables shipment search by goods description

Now you can search for shipments additionally by goods description. This extension is available in air and ocean export and import, as well as in Simple Shipment.

Simple Shipments

Mexican Complemento Carta Porte available for all transport orders in Simple Shipments.

This feature, available only in Mexico, fulfills the requirement of the Mexican tax authority Servicio de Administración Tributaria (SAT) to attach the Complemento Carta Porte (CCP) to each shipment in order to prove ownership, origin and destination of the goods. Mexican users can transfer the necessary data from the transport order in Simple Shipments to the authorities. This is enabled for air and ocean freight, export as well as import.

Subsequent entry of a new shipper no longer automatically changes the orderer

The editor in Simple Shipments now checks if the originally set orderer corresponds to the current one when changing Incoterms, shipper, consignee or measures of transport. If so, the value for the orderer is recalculated and set accordingly.


Customs DE

The certification for ATLAS V9.1 is completed except for the message group NEE (post-collection, reimbursement) and NCTS P5. The group NEE will follow shortly. The rollout of the ATLAS update will take place regularly with the next Scope releases.

Customs NL

Send attachments to PD and VWA declarations via NVWA client

Now it is possible to include PDF attachments to declarations at the Dutch Plant Disease Service (Plantenziektenkundige Dienst – PD) and the Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (Voedsel en Waren Autoriteit – VWA). This way you can provide the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (Nederlandse Voedsel- en Warenautoriteit - NVWA) via NVWA client with a digital copy of the phytosanitary or health certificate, which is required by EU law and must be kept for 5 years.