Mr Suhrke, what specialist services does ths provide?

ths aircargo services was founded in 2009. Based in Hamburg, we specialise in freight handling for airlines and airfreight forwarders. We work on behalf of our customers in three areas, namely trucking, handling, and aviation security. In the area of trucking, we run regular airfreight deliveries every day with overnight transfer by truck from Hamburg to the international transit airports of Europe. We also provide charter and ad hoc transportation, and door-to-door transportation with pick-up and delivery in the Greater Hamburg area.

In the handling area, more than 20 airlines entrust us with freight agency services and freight handling in Hamburg. In 2011, we handled approximately 7,000 tonnes of export freight and 6,000 tonnes of import freight, meeting strict international standards.

Lastly, we also support our customers in the area of aviation security. We are officially approved by the German Federal Aviation Office as a regulated agent, and are therefore responsible for the practical application of aviation security requirements.

When did you start using Scope, and how do you use it?

We have been using Scope On-Hand, which is specially tailored to the particular requirements of handling agents, since 2010. We had previously been using different systems for consignment acceptance, road feeder services for the airlines, handling for airfreight forwarders, and of course customs clearance. Now, thanks to Scope, we have everything in one software package with one user interface.

For example, as the official representative of Martinair and Cathay Pacific, we run road feeder services from Hamburg to Amsterdam and Frankfurt. Since Scope supports all of the required message formats of the airlines we can communicate the particular process steps to the airlines in accordance with IATA regulations. Even our invoicing is done using Scope.

When working with airfreight forwarders, Scope also manages all of the processes, such as upstream handling. This is particularly simple if the forwarder also uses Scope, which is the case with our customer Streck Transport. This generates tremendous synergies.

Where do you see the greatest benefits with Scope?

Scope makes our processes significantly easier. For example, it maps the entire audit trail that we as a regulated authorised agent must create for each shipment. No other system can do that to my knowledge. Scope also automatically checks the relevant EU database of the officially approved air freight forwarders and regulated agents, and checks the blacklist.

We are now exclusively using a stringent system that covers all the processes. Scope is mostly self-explanatory and intuitive to use, and this has greatly reduced our training requirements. All processing and handling steps now run a lot faster, the error rate is lower, and we can save considerably on costs.

So your conclusion is positive?

Absolutely! Up to now, Scope is the only system in our area that has been developed together with the users, and will continue to be further developed in conjunction with them. As a result, it fulfils our requirements very effectively. The system has a high utility value and enormous depth. I have worked in the industry for more than 30 years and have seen a lot of software. I have only positive things to say about Scope.