Good logistics is a service, not a product. With high quality transportation solutions, Swedish business principles and strong personal commitment, Swedclass offers outstanding global transport solutions. Established in 2021 Swedclass has a clear vision: Deliver the market's best customer experience. The company’s goal is to be a little better in all areas. With extensive experience and a long-standing track record, Swedclass specializes in crafting effective concepts “for freight management”. The company’s commitment includes promptly addressing calls and ensuring a precise understanding of the whereabouts of goods. With a solution-oriented mindset, reliability, and the eagerness to continually enhance, Swedclass tackles emerging challenges.  

The most important things are precision and control 

After initiating their business exclusively using Excel and SharePoint in 2021, Martin Nilsson, Managing Director at Swedclass, and his team soon encountered the challenge of not having control over all processes. Nilsson states, “Precision and control are crucial in the logistics sector. How else can we deliver the best customer experience in the market?” With the intention of continuous organic growth and expanding the business, it was time to introduce a fully integrated digital freight forwarding system to the company. But how to find the right TMS match? 

A decision needs to be made 

After researching and exploring potential providers through online searches, Swedclass compiled a shortlist of three suppliers. At this point, Nilsson was spoiled for choice. How do you decide on one system? Which parameters have an impact on a decision like this? 

“We based our decision on two factors: Firstly, the impression of how Riege’s support works, which is more responsive than that of other competitors. And the second reason was personal because Sascha Plath, Director of Global Operations at Riege Software, is simply a great person” Nilsson responded. 

Everything under control

“Right from the start, I had a very good feeling about this business partnership with Swedclass: Their focus is on customer service with an excellent team providing the extra steps to ensure customers' satisfaction... just like us! Interested and curious about all Scope features and how to improve their business, Martin and his team really took the time to discuss their requirements in detail and how a TMS could help them to reach their goals in future, also in the long run. I was impressed with Martin's clear vision and expectations, and I am glad that we could fulfill all of them. It was about time to finally meet in person in Göteborg in August 2023, and my impression of Martin and his amazing team was immediately confirmed: This business truly is a partnership!” – Sascha Plath, Director of Global Operations, about the cooperation with Swedclass.  

Implementing Scope into Swedclass daily business routine was a straightforward process and positively transformed the day-to-day operations of the company. “Scope provides precision and control. We now have clear insights into when we need to communicate with customers, and we maintain control over each individual shipment. Monitoring the likelihood of shipments, tracking costs, and managing invoices have become seamless,” notes Martin Nilsson. He is pleased to have found a reliable Digital Standard TMS that contributes to Swedclass delivering the market's best customer experience.