Since a shipment is more than the movement of goods from A to Z, management of cargo is complex, spanning numerous logistics processes. Operators, customers and managers are all simultaneously engaged in this. They all have to contribute their share based on the information they have to hand.

Therefore accuracy of information is critical to anyone involved in the management of shipments. Wrong or missing information leads to wrong or missing decisions during the shipment process. Wrong or missing decisions mean a loss of revenue, through storage charges, delay or mis-routing. The pressure on the industry is high even when everything goes smoothly. It becomes dramatically higher when things go wrong.

Digital Standard

As the standard for digital logistics, Scope is regularly updated according to industry requirements to fulfill all operational needs. This may also be true of other systems, but Scope differentiates itself through intelligence, network building and boundless connectivity enabling cross-border, cross-system collaboration along the global supply chain. Scope connects to numerous systems that automate decision-making based on the most accurate information, this contributes to the management of shipments themselves. All of this is done in compliance with all existing regulations and Customs.

Management tools

One of the benefits of Scope is its ability to take pressure off all stakeholders during the execution of a shipment. Apart from its built-in pressure relieving tools like the Shipment Monitor, Scope is assisted by a web applications such as Connect and Commercial Dashboards which give stakeholders active co-management of their shipments and provide managers of forwarding companies insight into the real performance of their business, enabling them to monitor and analyze progress and productivity, and adjust when and where necessary.

Shipment Monitor

The Shipment Monitor enables users to see the current status of all shipments recorded in Scope at a glance, without having to call up each shipment individually. It shows the last event as well as the next milestone with date and time information. If action is required, it is possible to go directly into the shipment, e.g. to change, update or delete status. Various filter functions can be used to select, monitor or edit specific items or statuses. The timely overview of all shipments and the possibility to intervene promptly reduces the risk of unwanted and cost-intensive delays with the potential loss of revenue and reputation.


Connect is the complimentary web application that enables forwarders, agents and customers to track the current status of a shipment along the supply chain. The benefits are numerous and the advantages pay off. Knowing for certain what is happening and who has what to do and when is priceless. All stakeholders get reliable information as to their responsibilities across all locations, and can be enabled to fulfill milestones and add events or generally intervene regardless if they use Scope or not.

Customers can place bookings that are instantly available in Scope. All relevant documents are generated with the completion of a shipment and are available prior to its arrival. Stakeholders can review them right away, the next step or action can be taken immediately.


The Commercial Dashboards give managers more insight and a rock-solid information regarding the current status of their company. They are a real-time view of actual performance using interactive meaningful graphs that provide key visibility of vital financial and operational processes, clearly indicating the actual economic status of a company.

This way, managers get deeper and detailed insight from live data directly from Scope in a split-second. They can check, compare and analyze current and past performance, from earliest to latest. They are able to evaluate operations, productivity and earnings to confirm assets and profitability. They can monitor progress and trends, reinforcing the foundations of a fertile growth strategy while simultaneously steering clear of the pressure of uncertainty and speculation.

Management summary

Like no other, Scope stands for an easier management of a single shipment and the entire forwarding company, while easing the pressure on those in charge. In fact, the pressure is on the competition to keep up.