In the previous editions of our “Easy” blogs, we presented a multitude of compelling arguments for Scope. With this blog, we want to give a final nudge to all those who have not yet decided in favor of Scope. Because at the end of the day it is not only a question of the best software but about succeeding in the fierce competition among forwarding companies for customers and orders.

Scope is the Digital Standard for digital logistics, serving companies of all sizes, from the smallest to the largest. Real-world oriented with proven features and functions, as well as numerous integrations, Scope supports the users in day-to-day business without useless bells and whistles. This accelerates processes and delivers increased operational productivity, visibility and customer satisfaction.

Cost savings

Scope is provided exclusively in the cloud. This brings a number of measurable advantages such as location-independent availability and continual updates. Critically, Scope also brings financial benefits because it eliminates the often exorbitant and frequently difficult to calculate investment costs of a complex in-house solution. Operational costs of Scope are easily calculated thanks to its transparent monthly usage fees. Customers only pay for what they really need. Without hidden additional costs that can annul any competitive advantage.

Equal opportunities

With Scope, small and medium-sized forwarders get the same software that is successfully used by the biggest players in the industry. While price, cost and features combine as one major benchmark, equally important is the range of services offered. These features make even the smallest forwarder a formidable competitor. Thus Scope levels the playing field and delivers opportunities for all in the challenging freight forwarding business.

“It is our goal to level the playing field for everyone in the forwarding business, regardless of company finance or size. While Scope represents the Digital Standard, the market benefits by equal opportunity.”

– Tim Nies, Vice President USA at Riege Software

Fully Equipped

Despite its impressive performance, Scope is an extremely low-maintenance solution. Regular automated updates and professional online support reduce internal investment, technical resources and overall effort to a minimum. Scope customers can concentrate fully on their core business, and meet the challenges of the market head-on. Get fully equipped here: