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Riege Software ensures sustainable transports with emissions calculator

Online CO2 calculator by CarbonCare now available in Scope

Riege Software integrates a CO₂ calculator into Scope that determines the emission values of individual shipments. The tool developed by CarbonCare is available for all transport modes.

The Swiss company CarbonCare offers a simple but efficient emissions calculator, which Riege Software has integrated into Scope and offers to all customers. The emissions calculator can be used multimodally and can combine any transports.

Based on empirically collected data and regularly updated metrics, the online tool can calculate GHG emissions for individual shipments. Peter Somaglia, Partner at CarbonCare, explains: “CarbonCare's CO₂ calculator has now been on the market for almost 3 years and after a somewhat slow start, the demand for user licenses has risen significantly in recent months. Our online program for calculating and offsetting greenhouse gases is based on the approved EN16258 standard and has been put through its paces by the Swiss Federal Ministry of the Environment on the one hand and validated by the myclimate foundation on the other.”

In addition to the calculation of CO₂ values, CarbonCare offers various licenses as well as data storage and analysis options. By integrating the CO₂ calculator, Riege Software enables its customers to take an important step towards climate-friendly transport and is convinced of the benefits of determining greenhouse emissions for the long-term reduction of the CO₂ footprint in logistics. “Our forwarders want to do their part to initiate a turnaround in CO2 emissions in their transports. The cornerstone of this strategy is to measure CO₂ emissions in order to be able to show the industry alternatives based on this. We are pleased to have gained such a competent partner as CarbonCare for this measurement. The integration in Scope is designed in such a way that everything is calculated and updated automatically in the background - the Scope users are thus relieved and can devote themselves to their actual core tasks: direct customer support”, Tobias Riege, CEO of Riege Software states.

Did you know? 

  • The CO₂ balance (or footprint) is the quantification of greenhouse gases caused by the activities of companies or organizations.
  • Calculating, balancing and offsetting CO₂ emissions for better climate protection is increasingly becoming a strategic field for companies.
  • Carbon dioxide (CO₂) is the most common greenhouse gas emitted by human activities, measured by the amount released and the total impact on global warming.

    About CarbonCare

    CarbonCare offers the latest and most comprehensive global emissions calculator based on the European standard EN16258. It has been developed over five years with various partners (industry, ETH, Swiss federal authorities) and the calculations are based on over 3.5 million effective, realistic and regularly updated measurements. The calculator takes into account all transport modes worldwide, as well as cargo handling in terminals/warehouses and cold chains. The results are shown as Tank-To-Wheel (TTW), CO₂ and CO₂ equivalents as well as Well-To-Wheel (WTW) CO₂ equivalents.

    About Riege Software

    Riege Software is the creator of Scope, the leading cloud-based software for Air Freight, Ocean Freight and Customs. Designed to be the Digital Standard for digital logistics, Scope enables participants in the global supply chain to practice unrestricted collaboration with just one system.
    Established in 1985 and ever since privately owned and managed, Riege has a continuous and sound understanding of the requirements of the logistics industry, serving more than 700 companies of any size in 60 countries. The future of logistics is digital. Scope is the future of digital logistics.


    Anastasia Kazantzis
    Head of Public Relations
    +49 2159 9148 315

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