From September 10 to 12, IATA will host another Hackathon where developers and designers work together on innovative solutions for the air freight industry. Riege Software has developed an open-source tool for the ONE Record API that converts data from Cargo-XML into the ONE Record data standard.

Developing solutions

A Hackathon gives developers access to technologies, challenges the competitive spirit and combines the industry know-how of experts. Focused on optimizing current industry standards, participants in the IATA Hackathon from September 10 to 12 will immerse themselves in the developer environment, explore new applications and exchange exciting ideas. The solutions in the categories Track & Trace, Quote & Book, PayCargo and an Open Challenge will be presented to a jury of eight industry experts at the end of the event. Christian Riege, Managing Director of Riege Software, will support the participants of the IATA Hackathon as part of the jury again this year. The winners in the four categories will be awarded prize money and will have the opportunity to share their solutions with the industry.

The long road to the Digital Standard

The specific goal of the ONE Record Hackathon is the development of a platform for unrestricted data exchange between participants within the supply chain. Riege Software supports the ONE Record idea and hopes for a culture of collaboration within the industry by developing a freely accessible data transformation tool. IATA is already convinced of the cONEverter’s potential and would like to make it a permanent component of the ONE Record API in the future.

“If data is the most valuable asset we deal with, then easy and secure access through a data sharing standard is the new imperative.”

– Henk Mulder, Head Digital Cargo, IATA

Validate, convert, unify

The cONEverter consists of a digital library that can be integrated into programs to transfer data from Cargo-XML to the “new world” of the ONE Record API. This library, in turn, will be made available as open source. The data can be interactively transferred to the new format.

“Since the industry will continue to use the ‘old’ Cargo-XML standard for several years, the data needs to be inevitably translated into the ‘new’ ONE Record world. By developing the tool, we built the bridge between the two worlds.”

– Christian Riege, Managing Director Riege Software

The open-source tool developed by Riege Software for the ONE Record API is also intended to create a basis for future projects and to stem the ongoing discussions about standardizing data in a system once and for all.

About Riege Software

Riege Software is the creator of Scope, the leading cloud-based software for Air Freight, Ocean Freight and Customs. Designed to be the Digital Standard for digital logistics, Scope enables participants in the global supply chain to practice unrestricted collaboration with just one system.

Established in 1985 and ever since privately owned and managed, Riege has a continuous and sound understanding of the requirements of the logistics industry, serving more than 575 companies of any size in 46 countries. The future of logistics is digital. Scope is the future of digital logistics.


Anastasia Kazantzis
Head of Public Relations