Christian Riege presents keynote at the Air Cargo Conference 2021

After a pandemic-related hiatus, the Air Cargo Community is hosting its 6th annual Air Cargo Conference in Frankfurt. On August 25th and 26th, academics and industry experts will provide insights into digital innovations and trends in air cargo handling during the on-site two-day event. On the second day, Christian Riege, Managing Director at Riege Software, will deliver a keynote speech addressing the necessity of cross-system cooperation between all parties involved in global logistics.

The Community in Frankfurt

The Frankfurt-based Air Cargo Community is a network of freight forwarders, airlines and service providers around Frankfurt Airport dedicated to promoting efficient handling processes with the aim of maintaining the airport’s leading position as a major air cargo hub in the future. The annual Air Cargo Conference brings together experts from the fields of transportation, software development and science, presenting exciting ideas on innovations in the logistics market and discussing future projects. This year’s conference is organized by Air Cargo Community Frankfurt, Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, Fraunhofer IML, HAUS61 and Hessen Aviation.

Building bridges

On the second day of the event, Christian Riege will address in his keynote speech the need to build bridges between current systems and participants in logistics in order to transport air cargo more efficiently and economically. “Isolated solutions serving only fragments of the operations within global logistics omit multiple processes before and after their application. One holistic solution building bridges between systems and stakeholders is in perpetuity more efficient, more economic and thus more sustainable”states Christian Riege, Managing Director at Riege Software.

Riege Software will build an entirely different kind of bridge by sponsoring the lunch break on the second day of the event, which will, so to speak, offer a welcomed platform for personal exchange which has not been possible for a long time.

Results instead of titles

Dr. Tobias Riege, CEO of Riege Software, has been a member of the board of Air Cargo Community Frankfurt since 2018 and, upon taking office, had set himself the task of embracing the leap of faith and actively supporting the association’s interests and goals. The promised results were already delivered, and the challenge now is to face the new demands in transportation and to find common solutions for digital processes in air cargo handling. The Air Cargo Conference in the heart of the ‘Main Hub’ of air cargo in Germany at Frankfurt Airport offers an eminently suitable discussion platform for this.

About Riege Software

Riege Software is the creator of Scope, the leading cloud-based software for Air Freight, Ocean Freight and Customs. Designed to be the Digital Standard for digital logistics, Scope enables participants in the global supply chain to practice unrestricted collaboration with just one system.

Established in 1985 and ever since privately owned and managed, Riege has a continuous and sound understanding of the requirements of the logistics industry, serving more than 575 companies of any size in 46 countries. The future of logistics is digital. Scope is the future of digital logistics.


Anastasia Kazantzis, Head of Public Relations